Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen Dropped A Corruption Bombshell At His Testimony To The Intelligence Committee About Trump’s Methodical Attempt To Steal The 2020 Election. His Plan Was To Regain Power As An Un-elected Autocrat And Entirely Destroy Our Democratic Process. His “Stop The Steal” Was A Hoax To Distract From His Efforts To Commit the “Real Steal”. Rosen Testified To The Intelligence Committee Trump Pressured Him And Other DOJ Officials To Announce The Election Was Corrupt To Justify Him Remaining President. If Merrick Garland Doesn’t Charge Trump For These Crimes Against Democracy He Should Be Fired.

Current investigations into the Jan. 6th insurrection are exposing the support Trump was getting within the DOJ. A recent New York Times article “detailed efforts by Jeffrey Clark, the acting head of the Justice Department’s civil division, to push top leaders to falsely and publicly assert that continuing election fraud investigations cast doubt on the Electoral College results. That prompted Mr. Trump to consider ousting Mr. Rosen and installing Mr. Clark at the top of the department to carry out that plan.”

This reporting by the New York Times is evidence of Trump’s pattern of pressuring professionals in the DOJ and state officials to either, 1) falsely claim the election was fraudulent or 2) asking officials to tamper with the vote count or encouraging bogus recounts to tamper with ballots. The only election stealing going on is by Donald Trump and his surrogates and these congressional and DOJ testimonies are honing in on indisputable evidence. The clock is ticking on whether Jeffrey Clark will be charged with a crime. Mr. Rosen has reported that he learned from other DOJ officials that Clark repeatedly asked them to make false public statements “declaring that continuing investigations into election fraud was casting doubt on the validity of the Electoral College.” Trump was so ecstatic about Clark’s support of his plan to subvert the election results he wanted to install the corrupt sycophant to head the DOJ. Thankfully, some patriotic Republicans remained more loyal to democracy than Trump and were able to convince him to not fire Rosen.

Evidence of Trump’s efforts to steal the election is mounting, led by Jeffrey Rosen’s cooperation with the Justice Dept. and Congress. The investigation into the Jan. 6th insurrection has set off a prosecutorial-style investigation into Trump and those in his inner circle, including members of Congress. Actions Trump was taking after the election to throw doubt on the results has increased curiosity about the collaboration of members of Congress. The Jan. 6th Select Committee plans to call members to testify who were with Trump days before and on the day of the insurrection. There is widespread curiosity among members of the committee about who was with Trump while he was watching the insurrection on television. They are seeking knowledge about Trump’s demeanor that day and the reason why it took him hours to make a statement for the rioters to go home.

What is most disquieting is that Trump continues to escape justice despite his blatant breaking of laws. However, the election interference investigations seem to be moving fast to gather the evidence before Trump panics and resumes his weekly practiced pattern of obstruction of justice. Anyone who continues to support Trump might as well admit they are counting on Trump and Republicans to tear down democracy and cheat their way into autocratic power. However, they should realize that Trump’s ideology for America to become an authoritarian leadership would apply should a Democrat become president. How does a ban on guns and open borders sound? Supporters of candidates who are in favor of a one-party system must realize that form of government completely disregards the wants, needs, and values of half of the rest of the country. Trump resisters know what that feels like. That’s why millions of Americans were proud and hopeful when Joe Biden won the presidency. The next sigh of relief comes when the DOJ announces Trump is being charged.

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