President Biden Is A Master At Ignoring The Nonsense And Corrupt Antics In Which The Disturbed Former President Engages. He Is Aware Of The Threat To Democracy That Trump’s  “Big Lie” Poses, However, His Steadfast,  Competent Approach To Governing Is Moving America Forward. Despite The Republican Party’s Attempt To Obstruct His Agenda, Biden Is Keeping His Sights On Passing An Infrastructure Bill, Getting The Country Vaccinated To Control The Pandemic, Protecting Voting Rights, And As Author Kelly Hyman Says In Her Book, “Build Back Better,” Defending Equal Rights For All Americans.

In her book, Hyman portrays President Joe Biden as having authentic compassion for all Americans and the traditions of our democracy. His policies pursue equality for women and people of all races and genders while Trump policies pursued a white identity agenda made up of racist policies. When reading the Kelly Hyman’s chronology of Biden’s promises and corresponding accomplishments, it is obvious how well he understands and cares about the needs of the average American and their families. His Care Act put money in Americans’ pockets, and the infrastructure bill he is trying to get passed will create thousands of good-paying union jobs. In contrast,  Trump is desperately pretending he is soon to be reinstated as president, showing no interest in policy matters that could help Americans recover from the pandemic catastrophe he created.

Trump’s transparent, post-presidency whiny-themed reality show titled, ” I Didn’Lose They Stole It From Me” is losing its appeal. It’s so tired, desperate, false, and pathetic. The danger factor is fading, helped along by the delusional Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell. A recent article in the Insider last month reported Lindell is hosting an event in August and claims he will reveal 37 terabytes of information on voter fraud, proving Trump won the election. Lindell claims Trump received 80 million votes to Biden’s 68 million but provides no evidence to prove his claim.
In contrast, President Biden has no conspiracy theory wackos or criminals in his administration or advisory team. Once Lindell loses credibility, as Guiliani did, it will be fun watching another Trump lap-dog get kicked to the curb. It’s impressive to watch Biden keep his composure and stay focused while the Trump carnival of fools run around the country trying to steal the election that he overwhelmingly lost.

Biden is aware of Trump’s continued attempt to steal the election and to make millions of his supporters aggressively oppose him. However, the president is a strong, confident leader, cool and focused. Trump is insecure, begs for attention, rants, sweats, rambles and threatens, lies and pleas to be loved. America is in the steady hands of a man who can multi-task, maturely manage criticism, and keep promises and accomplish goals.

The disinformation that Trump continues to spread about election fraud may get him in criminal trouble with the DOJ. President Biden has installed competent people to run the department based on the Constitution, not in service to a president who believes in an autocratic system of government. He is keeping his promise to allow the Attorney general to function independently, with no effort to make Garland his personal attorney like Trump did with William Barr. However, there is new evidence from the DOJ showing Trump engaged in a pattern of phone calls to state officials asking them to either announce their elections were fraudulent or to change enough votes to make him the winner.

President Biden is the opposite of Trump. He is confident, Trump is insecure. Biden is competent, Trump is inept. Biden is honest, Trump lies every time he speaks, and has told over 30,000 lies during his presidency. Biden has compassion, Trump is incapable of empathy. Biden supports equality for all people, Trump supports white supremacist ideology. Biden governs by the rule of law, Trump continuously violated the Constitution. Biden is a man of faith, Trump uses Christianity as a prop. Biden puts in full workdays, Trump mostly watched TV, golfed and tweeted until Twitter banned him. Trump’s appeal to his base is his bombastic, clownish, faux macho antics. Always the entertainer and shmoozer, he has captured an audience in need of believing in a false leader who promises everything and delivered nothing.

The Biden “Build Back Better” plan makes Trump’s ideology look like a sham and a failure. As Trump bullies Congress to oppose infrastructure and voting rights legislation, Biden negotiates policy with members of both parties to stop the pandemic, secure voter integrity, and establish equal justice for all Americans are the same.

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