Today At The White House, President Joe Biden Awarded The Capitol And DC Police The Congressional Gold Medal. In Contrast, The Fake Law And Order Former President Refuses To Thank And Honor These Heroes, And Instead Told The Rioters At The Insurrection “He Loved Them” And To Always Remember This Day.” It Seems Trump Only Supports Law Enforcement When They Are Beating Black Men Or Aggressing On Peaceful Black Protestors. Capitol Police Are Referring To Trump As The ” Hit Man” Who Sent A Mob Kill Them If They Stood In The Way Of His Coup.

Capitol and DC Police Heroes Honored

Republicans are bringing shame to their party by the disrespect and disinterest they show towards the Capitol and DC police and the heroism they displayed on Jan. 6th defending democracy during the Trump Capitol insurrection. Fox News entertainment pundits disgrace fully faux journalists mocked Officers Gonnell, Fanone, Hodges, and Dunne’s emotional testimony to the House Jan. 6th Committee. These are wimps who have never served their country, never risked their lives to protect democracy and are all about conspiracy theories, promoting white- identity America, and of course making money.

Biden praised the heroism and patriotism of the officers and said, “To all of them, on behalf of a grateful nation, thank you, thank you, thank you for protecting our Capitol. Maybe even more importantly, protecting our Constitution. And saving the lives of duly elected members of the Senate and the House and their staffs.” It was like being in the Twilight Zone, watching the current president praise police officers for defending our democracy that was being attacked by a mob that the former president sent to destroy democracy. Even stranger is why the Department of Justice has not moved to charge Trump for inciting the insurrection and creating the ” big lie” to keep the threat to democracy alive.

Biden signed a bill that was unanimously approved by the Senate on Tuesday approving the awarding of four Congressional gold medals, two of which will be displayed at the Capitol Police And DC Headquarters, another to the Smithsonian Museum, and one on display at the Capitol Bldg. In June, 21 Republican members of the House voted against awarding medals to the Capitol officers. These members need to be remembered as fans of the insurrection and supporters of a white supremacist autocratic former president. Remember these names during the mid-terms when choosing who NOT to vote for;

1. Lauren Boebert (Colorado)
2. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia)
3. Matt Gaetz (Florida)
4. Louie Gohmert (Texas)
5. Thomas Massie (Kentucky)
6. Paul Gosar (Arizona)
7. Andy Biggs (Arizona)
8. John Rose (Tennessee)
9. Andy Harris (Maryland)
10. Barry Moore (Alabama)
11. Bob Good (Virginia)
12. Ralph Norman (South Carolina)
13. Matt Rosendale (Montana)
14. Chip Roy (Texas)
15. Warren Davidson (Ohio)
16. Scott Perry (Pennsylvania)
17. Greg Steube (Florida)
18. Andrew Clyde (Georgia)
19. Jody Hice (Georgia)
20. Mary Miller (Illinois)
21. Michael Cloud

Republican members of Congress who support Trump’s false claims of a stolen election view the Capitol and DC police as traitors to their cause of overturning the legitimate election of Joe Biden as president. These officials and many others in the Senate, stay silent as Trump continues spreading the lie of a stolen election. In their silence, they have become passive insurrectionists and have broken their oath of office. Senators like Lisa Murkowsky of Alsska, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Susan Collins of Maine at times try to separate themselves from the cult of Trump, but in their voting records and wimpy silence, they are true enablers of his crimes and the slow dismantling of democracy..

In honoring the bravery and patriotism of the Capitol and DC police today, President Biden reminded us what “healing the soul of America” means. Biden models patriotism, compassion, gratefulness, and honesty and reminds us of how important it is to fight against the current extremist wing of the Trump-Republican party that cares only about keeping America white and making money for the rich.

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