An August 3rd Article In The Guardian Declares “Donald Trump’s photo-fascism poses the largest internal threat to American democracy since the civil war. What to do about it? Fight it, and the sooner the better.” Notes Taken During A Dec.27th Call To Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen Confirm Trump Asked The DOJ To Falsely Declare The Election Was Fraudulent And Stolen From Him. For The First Time In History A U.S. President Was Planning A Coup To Illegally Take Over The Government, And So Far The Legal System Is Letting Him Get Away With It!

The Guardian article is calling on the Department of Justice to take legal action against Trump citing, “Trump’s 27 December call to the acting attorney general in which he pleads “Just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me” – should trigger section 3 of the 14th amendment, which bars anyone from holding office who “engaged in insurrection” against the US. The current attorney general of the United States, Merrick Garland, should issue an advisory opinion clearly stating this. If Trump wants to take it to the Supreme Court, fine.”

In plain view, supported by Sen. Mitch McConnell and the majority of Republican members of Congress, Trump continues to plan a coup against America. By claiming the election is stolen and refusing to concede that he lost, he has, for the first time since the beginning of our democracy, blocked the peaceful transition of power. Never has an ousted president actively tried to delegitimize and sabotage a current, fairly elected president from successfully executing his duties to serve the American people. Words emerging worldwide to describe Trump are treasonist, traitor, criminal, fascist, sociopath, circus-barker, cult-leader, incompetent, insurrectionist, and con-man. Every other day more evidence of his illegal, unethical attempts to steal the election emerges. Thankfully, Republicans in high positions defied Trump’s corrupt orders. However, if he had remained in office, he would have replaced these political patriots with complicit wackos like ” the Pillow Guy,” Roger Stone, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Matt Gaetz, and some of the white supremacist insurrectionists he calls patriots.

By standing by Trump after two impeachment trials, one 1) which revealed unquestionable evidence of him trying to bribe a foreign leader to interfere in the 2020 election by announcing an investigation of Joe Biden for non- existent corruption and 2) inciting a mob to attack the Capitol for the purpose of stopping Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s electoral college win for president. It is clear to most Americans, Trump has tried to rig, steal, or overturn every election he has ever entered. He accuses those who defeat him or run against him of the election crimes he blatantly commits. Anyone who still supports Trump sanctions the end of democracy, favors a U.S. autocracy, supports insurrections and coups, is ignorant about the Constitution, is a hypocrite, prefers a dictatorship, and is a cultist, not a patriot.

America is in trouble. One of it’s two political parties tells lies, believes in conspiracy theories, promotes crude, indecent leadership, and is in favor of allowing presidents and any member of their own party to violate the U.S. Constitution. Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of a US presidential election should be the final assault on America that he gets away with. The Democrats have to go bold and big to stop Trump and his movement of white supremacy and autocracy. Merrick Garland must be pressured to indict Trump for every treasonist act he has committed against the United States. Forget the Republicans. That party should be renamed to reflect it’s descent into corruption.

These latest memos released by the DOJ prove that every call Trump made to state officials after he overwhelmingly lost re-election was to overturn the results. He asked them to announce false claims of fraud, requested votes be “found” to change his loss to a win, and supported bogus recounts in swing states conducted by suspicious unprofessionals. He aligns with dictators, despises allies, disregards the Constitution, lies, promotes conspiracy theories, emboldens racists, and has used the US Treasury and donations from donors as his personal bank account.

Enough is enough. Merrick Garland, don’t wimp out as Robert Mueller did! Issue indictments against Trump and his cronies and enablers because no one is supposed to be above the law! Trump has to be removed from the political scene as soon as possible. He is raising millions of dollars to support Q’anon members, white supremacists, and criminals into Congress. Americans who continue to support Trump aren’t real Republicans; they are brainwashed cultists and threaten democracy, the decline of decency, and the death of truth.

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