Kevin McCarthy’s Violent Comment, “It Would Be Hard Not To Hit Nancy Pelosi With The Gavel” Is Another Example Of Congressional Republican Men’s Penchance For Violence. Donald Trump, Along With The Looney “My Pillow Guy”, And Dangerous General Michael Flynn Continue To Express The Kind Of Hateful Rhetoric That Incited The Jan. 6th Attack At The Capitol. The “Pillow Guy” Nut Tweeted Trump Will Be Reinstated As President On August 13th. Last Month Gen. Flynn Was Publicly Awarded An AR-15 Rifle And Said, “Maybe I Will Find Someone In Washington DC.” Additionally At A Rally In Arizona, Trump Continued His Lie About The Stolen Election, Encouraged Bogus Recounts, And Incited Aggression In The Audience.

It is understandable why many white male, domestic terror group members, some former military, and law enforcement officers with racist grievances are drawn to Donald Trump and the white, middle-aged male Trump-Republican members of Congress. These groups love guns, see America as a ” white, Christian country, are addicted to power and have little understanding of democracy or tolerance for the normalization of diversity.

The dialogue in America has become aggressive. Political parties now talk about each other with hatred. Donald Trump, the autocratic, sociopath one-term former President, has put 1/3 of the country in a spell of hatred. Raised by a father referred to as a real ” kraut,” Donald learned to be cruel and controlling. Mary L. Trump, Trump’s niece, has written how he learned to control people by demeaning and bullying them. He was chosen by his father, over his siblings, to be the “golden child” to take over the Trump empire, and that is when and how he learned to be a racist, narcissistic, cutthroat that has nearly collapsed our democracy.

Trump and his surrogates have normalized speaking violently and sanction violence when it supports their agenda. At a rally in 2017, he suggested police not worry about hitting a suspects head while placing them in the squad car. ” Please don’t be too nice,” he said, which got a big laugh from his aggressive followers. At another rally, he suggested “knocking the crap” out of a heckler adding, ” just knock the hell out of him, I will pay for the legal fees.” In an article on in May 2020, more serious examples of Trump’s attraction to violence were recounted;

1) referring to white supremacists in Charlottesville as “fine people,” 2) inquired to top aides if the US could shoot migrants below the waist to slow them down at the border, 3) used violence-inciting rhetoric like urging states to fight to ” liberate themselves” and inflaming hatred towards the media by referring to them as ” the enemy of the people,” 4) praised a House rep. For physically attacking a reporter saying, ” Any guy who can do a body slam is my kind of guy.”, 5) throughout his term in office incited crowds to yell “lock her up” aimed at Hillary Clinton and other women who opposed him, 6) in 2016, a Kentucky judge found Trump guilty of “incitement to violence” after a Trump supporter attacked a Trump protester, 7) in 2016, Trump said, ” I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone, and I wouldn’t lose voters”, 8) directed a riotous mob, donned in clothing displaying racist, anti- Semitic messaging to go to the Capitol Bldg. On Jan. 6th to “stop the steal” and go to the Capitol and ” fight to take your country back,” 9) ordered the tear-gassing of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters in Lafayette Square in DC, and 10) called for the military to assault peaceful BLM protesters in Portland, Oregon.

Trump relies on faux-macho, violent rhetoric to appear like a strongman, but his pervasive behavior is more like a sissy; whiny, blaming, and insecure. He uses performance art to distract from the nefarious acts he is committing against democracy. For example, here’s a “fun fact” about Trump’s passion about those ballot audits in the swing states where he lost; he hasn’t spent any of the $75,000.000 million he has raised from the “big lie” scam funding any those audits. Why? Because he knows he lost the election, is OK with draining state budgets on his reality show scam, enjoys the hostility he can arouse in his supporters, and besides, golf has no other purpose in life. He is the ultimate, skilled cult leader and failing mob boss destined for a catastrophic fall.




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