The 8th Wonder Of The World Is How Donald Trump Has Escaped Being Indicted Or Arrested. New Evidence Has Surfaced About His Attempt To Corrupt And Steal The 2020 Election. The DOJ Has Released Notes Taken By Then Acting Attorney General Richard Donoghue During A Meeting With Department Officials And Trump After He Lost The Election. Trump Requested The Officials To “Just Announce The Election Was Corrupt, And Leave The Rest To Me.” Trump Has Cheated In Every Election He Has Participated In And Now Is Falsely Accusing His Opposition Of Cheating Him Out Of Re-election. The Case For An Indictment Just Got Stronger.

The Real “Steal” Attempted By Trump

To gain perspective on how unprecedented Trump’s criminal behavior as president was, just imagine what the Republicans reaction would be if;

Presidents Obama or Biden 1) hid their taxes, 2) asked their attorney general to investigate their enemies, 3) had their campaign manager share polling data with Russia, 4) asked Russia to hack into a political opponent’s email server, 5) announced an election is rigged before Election Day, 6) proclaimed the only way they could lose an election is if an election was fraudulent, 7) called state election officials and request they “find” you enough votes to change an election loss to a win, 8) filed 62 claims challenging results of an election they lost, 9) continued to claim election fraud despite the attorney general, federal and state judges, and the Supreme Court finding no evidence of it, 10) insisting swing states hold recounts, conducted suspiciously by unqualified people, 11) asked their Vice-President to refuse to certify the electoral college vote, 12) told over 20,000 documented lies, 13) lied about a deadly virus, choosing a perceived political gain over public health concerns and 14) INCITED AN INSURRECTION TO INTERFERE WITH THE PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER OF A NEWLY ELECTED U.S. PRESIDENT.

The notes released by Congress this week revealing Trump’s request to pressure the DOJ to falsely claim the 2020 election was corrupt is one more piece of proof that the gaslighter-in-chief has been trying to rig, cheat, and overturn elections since 2015. Most Americans are intelligent enough to know Trump’s corrupt strategy of accusing others of the crimes he is committing has become so transparent it now makes him look more desperate and stupid than we know he is! How brazenly corrupt, incriminating and stupid was it for him to call the Secretary of State of Georgia to ask him to find him enough votes to win over Biden? How ridiculous is it for him to currently run around the country bullying states to recount the ballots where he lost? Is he so dumb not to realize that the results of these unprofessional, secret recounts will backfire by either proving he lost or appearing completely fraudulent and law-breaking?

Republicans freak out over sensible actions Democrats take, such as mandating masks on the House Floor due to the Delta Variant surge. Yet they applaud the mad king bully as he breaks laws and creates worldwide embarrassment for America. If any Democrat president or governor were to take any of the afore-mentioned criminal, unethical, or dishonest actions, Republicans would call for their resignations. However, Trump Republicans are staying silent while he leads an anti-democracy movement that claims-free and fair elections are stolen, spreads misinformation about COVID-19 and the variant, and undermines President Biden’s plan for the country despite most Americans being in favor of it. If you look at these two men from a Biblical perspective, President Biden is GOOD. His policies aim to protect public health, increase the financial stability for the average American, and reunite the divide among races, political parties, and cultures. Former President Trump is EVIL. EVIL brings many people to its side in the name of power and greed to the detriment of the masses. He favors the rich, mocks the disabled, disparages war heroes, defies the Constitution, and incites violence. However, GOOD triumphs over EVIL. Trump LOST re-election.

The wheels of justice need to speed up! The longer Trump is allowed to accumulate dark money, brainwash his cult followers, and bully governors and Senators into promoting anti-American ideology, the longer it will take for President Biden to repair the wreckage. There will be more Republican lives ruined or lost under the reign of Trump than Democrats. It will be hard not to rub ” WE TOLD YOU” in their faces!!!

The war on misinformation is on! Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are on the radar of Congress, the courts, and the public to stop allowing misinformation to spread and contribute to the dangerous, corrupt ideology of the right-wing extremist movement. All companies and individuals who lied or broke laws and norms should be held accountable when Trumpism finally dies.

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