The Cowardly Fox News Entertainers And Fringe Wackos In The House Once Again Remind Us They Are Traitors To American Democracy And Decency. Fox’s Toxic, Wimpy Frat Boy-Looking Tucker Carlson Disparaged The Testimony Of The 4 Capitol And DC Police Officers Who Appeared Before The House Select Committee On Wednesday. Laura Ingram, Another Toxic Right-Wing Nut, And Dumb-As-A-Stump Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Have Both Been Disrespectful To The Police. Would These Cowards Agree To Submit To The Exact Abuse Scenarios Suffered By The Officers To Prove Their Patriotism? It Would Make A Great Reality Show And Trump Could Host.

Anyone caught mocking the Capitol police officers who were moved to tears when recounting the trauma of the verbal and brutal beatings they suffered last the Trump- incited insurrection on Jan. 6th should be met with massive public outrage and the loss of their jobs or public office. These people are wimps, hiding behind a camera or an elected office they are not worthy of inhabiting. As a sociological and psychological statement of bravery the big- mouthed, cowering, Trump-loving members of the Congress should be asked to match the heroism shown that day by Capitol law enforcement. If they think the PTSD, surgeries, heart attacks, strokes, gouged eyes, etc. are fake or their reactions are manufactured “theater”, why not submit to the exact experiences the officers endured, so your claims of bravery and resilience could have some merit?

Donald Trump is the perfect host for this kind of reality show. He is indifferent to the suffering of others, is disloyal, enjoys drama, and loves being on television. Would Marjorie Taylor-Greene do the bear-spray challenge to prove the officers over-reacted to chemicals sprayed in their eyes? Would Tucker Carlson say yes to being crushed in a door jam by a volunteer group of his enemies? Would Laura Ingram be agreeable to being beaten with a Trump flag to prove they are not weapons? Trump would probably be the only one of the group of these disrespectful cowards to push for the show to be produced. The level of disrespect the Capitol law enforcement has experienced from Republican elected officials and right-wing media is DISGRACEFUL

In a July 29th article in Salon Magazine referencing the Jan. 6th insurrection, Laura Ingram said, ” The Capitol police have no one to blame for the but themselves.” Rep. Marjorie-Taylor Greene was among members of the House that voted not to award gold medals to the Capitol police. These women and others like them offer nothing, not substance, to society. They are hateful, divisive, and don’t represent the values, decency, and competence that Americans need and deserve from Congress or the press.

The House committee showed the utmost compassion and respect for the officers. As a therapist, it was clear these officers are still struggling with the trauma of the brutal beatings they suffered. Their voices were shaky, they were sad, angry and sometimes their effect was flat as a way of coping when describing the graphic details of their beatings. The emotionality they displayed when expressing their devotion to the Constitution was authentic, moving, and inspiring. The opinions of these pathetic, anti-democracy Trump surrogates aren’t worthy of giving an opinion on these patriotic heroes. The House will honor their service to the Constitution with an honest, thorough fact-finding investigation, leaving no stone unturned.

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