Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Picks For The House Committee Investigating The Insurrection Was An Obvious Trump Driven Stunt. Two Members, Reps. Jim Jordan And Jim Banks Voted Against Certifying The 2020 Election. Pelosi Rejected Both Of Them. Jordan Also Announced Speaker Pelosi Should Be Investigated For Not Protecting The Capitol. An Obvious Planned Set-up To Have Pelosi Reject Him And Claim The Committee Is Partisan. McCarthy And Trump’s Schemes Are Obvious And Will Backfire.

Has anyone noticed the Republicans are spending no time on policy-making or legislating and 100% of their time demonizing Democrats, blocking all agenda’s introduced by the Biden Administration, promoting lies about non-existent fraud in the 2020 election that Trump LOST, minimizing the Jan. 6th insurrection, and raising donations from dark money?

Republicans voted against forming a bipartisan, 9/11 type commission to investigate the Jan. 6th insurrection and even opposed forming a House committee to investigate the attack. What are they hiding? What are they afraid of? Are they protecting Trump? Do they want the issue to be forgotten for political reasons? The independent commission would have been bipartisan made up of an equal amount of Democrats and Republicans. The position that Kevin McCarthy’s caucus holds are anti- democractic, pro- conspiracy theories, anti-law enforcement and pro-white supremacist terror groups. Why don’t they want the American people to know how the insurrection was organized and paid for and whether or not any members of Congress were involved?

Rep. Jim Jordan was an inappropriate choice for many reasons and Speaker Pelosi rightfully rejected him. Jordan met with Trump the day before the insurrection and will likely be called as a witness. He voted against certifying the electoral college vote for the 2020 election, is an active voice in the “big lie” movement and is a disruptor on committees when on camera. He is also lucky not to be in jail. He was named by at least 6 student at Ohio State as being aware of the sexual abuse of members of the wrestling team by the team’s doctor, Robert Strauss, and not reporting it or intervening. Jordan denies the accusations, but the witnesses made statements which effectively dispute his denial.

CNN reported “multiple former OSU athletes told CNN they found Jordan’s denials puzzling, because they say they distinctly remember him responding to complaints about Strauss.One former wrestler, Dan Ritchie, said he remembers a teammate complained about Strauss and that Jordan said, “If he ever tried that with me I’d snap his neck like a stick of dry balsa wood.” Somehow, the red state of Ohio made the scandal disappear.”

The Republican base who share the ideologies of the likes of Jim Jordan, make a lot of noise at those infantile MAGA rallies, but they are a minority that won’t carry enough weight to win elections. They are under Trump’s toxic spell to the point of being pathologically brainwashed. As Trump continues to run around the country continuing to tell the lie of a stolen election, he is sounding delusional and pathetic. His niece, Mary Trump, a psychologist, describes her uncle as a pathologically insecure person who’s greatest fear is to be a ” loser”. He got blown away in the election by Joe Biden and created a false reality that he won so his followers wouldn’t see him as a loser. If he wasn’t so dangerous and unlikeable, it would be easy to pity him.

Trump’s lie that he won the election is pathetic, and interest in his rantings about the insurrection being a “love fest” between rioters and Capitol police are causing concerns once again about whether he is simply a pathological liar or clinically delusional. His inability to manage to be the ” loser” has caused him to create a dangerous narrative that could destroy our democracy. The Republican party has enabled him and is complicit in the damage he has done to the economy and the lives of millions of Americans.

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