Shut Up Marjorie Taylor- Greene! You Sound Stupid When You Talk, Especially On The Vaccine Issue. Shut Up Sen. Rand Paul About The Virus and The Vaccine. Dr. Fauci Made You Sound Like An Idiot About Your Take On The Origin Of The Virus. The Surge Of Infections From The Delta Variation Is Killing People, 99% Of Those Being In The Unvaccinated Population In Mostly Red States. Even Sean Hannity Made A Plea On Fox News For People To Get Vaccinated, Believe In The Science, And End This 2nd Pandemic.

As the pandemic of the unvaccinated explodes, the  number of Trump ass-kissers are shrinking. Between the ” big lie” about the 2020 election and the misinformation campaign against vaccinations, The Republicans might be getting worried that these Trump driven mid-term strategies are killing their chances of regaining the majority. Trump is running his post presidency like episodes of the Celebrity Apprentice, pitting people against each other, and hurting people for his own entertainment and personal gain.

Coronavirus cases are increasing after a six month steady decrease in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. The success of the Biden administration’s vaccine distribution program has been efficiently executed and successful in saving lives. Unlike last year’s reckless denial of the deadly nature of COVID-19, President Biden has promoted mask-weasring, social distancing, testing and most recently the vaccinations.

NPR reports that “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday that new cases are up by nearly 70% in just a week. Hospitalizations are up by nearly 36%.” The majority of these cases are in red states where vaccination rates are low. More alarming statistics are the increased number of children and people under 30 who are becoming infected and hospitalized. Those refusing to get vaccinated fall into several categories;

1) those afraid of potential side effects, 2) those who believe in bizarre conspiracy theories about the virus, 3) those who have compromised immune systems, 4) those who don’t understand or trust science, 5) and right-wing supporters of Trump and the far-right media. Those who are militant against the vaccine are often affiliated with the more radical-right of the Republican party. They defend their refusal to take the shot based on their First Amendment Rights. The level of ignorance by Trump supporters about what the First Amendment says is astounding. A quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes clarifies in layman’s terms what the First Amendment means; “Your right to swing your fist in the air stops at the point when it hits my nose.” America is a country based on laws. Freedoms are not without limits, such as when they interfere with the publics health or safety.

The fringe- right has become the voice of the Republican party, and traditional GOP members have let it happen because of their cowardly fear of Trump. If the former president’s political presence wasn’t so dangerous, his clownish appearance and incoherent ramblings might be a comical piece of entertainment. But he has normalized lying, dictator-like propaganda, corruption, and cruelty to a level that has infected 80% of the Republican party and electorate. That statistic threatens our democracy’s survival.

Twitter and Facebook are taking much overdue action against those who post misinformation on their platforms. This week Twitter suspended Marjorie Taylor- Greene for 11 days for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus and vaccines. Twitter recently put a flag on a conspiracy theory tweet by Tucker Carlson where he claimed the FBI started the Capitol attack. Thankfully, both Twitter and Facebook have suspended Donald Trump’s accounts indefinitely, after having allowed him to incite violence and spread misinformation for four years.

The “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” has been caused by the Republican’s war against science, truth, and the Biden presidency. Because the former guy is an insecure sore loser, Republicans have gotten on board with the fight against truth, democracy, and public safety. However, cracks are occurring in the scam Trump is running on America. When he finally is held legally accountable for tax evasion, committing election interference, or inciting an insurrection against the United States, millions of people will have amends to make for supporting his assault on democracy.

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