Former President Donald Trump Never Met A Crook He Didn’t Hire Or Befriend. Another Member In Trump’s World, Former Chairman Of Trump’s Inaugural Fund Tom Barrack Was Arrested Today For Illegal Foreign Lobbying For The United Arab Emirates And For Lying About It To The FBI. The Indictment States That Barrack Had Language Inserted Into Some Of Trump’s Speeches To Please The UAE. How Can Trump Claim His Genius Status And Yet Claim Ignorance To All The Constant Crime And Corruption His Political Associates And Personal Friends Have Committed?

Ever since Trump declared “I know more about the military than the generals” and ” I know more about science than the doctors”, most Americans knew he was imbalanced, incompetent, and dishonest. The number of former members of his administration, advisors and business associates that have been federally indicted or imprisoned continues to grow as long term investigations are resolving. In some instances Trump has played dumb about the accusations of his cronies and in other instances he has defended the accused. He ultimately pardoned several of his friends who were convicted of serious felonies.

Trump has remained loyal to the criminal cronies who stay loyal to him. Those who lied to the government for him, refused to flip, and went to jail to protect exposing him as complicit in all of their crimes received pardons. Trump supporters should educate themselves on what the original purpose of the presidential pardon intended which is; “this power should be used more frequently as a vital mechanism of mercy, tempering the often harsh, racist, and inequitable effects of our criminal legal system.” So a president who pardons people who commit federal crimes that might implicate their complicity in illegalities is abusing the broad power of the pardon that the Constitution bestows on the president.

Never before in history has there been a president who has been impeached twice, investigated as extensively, and who faces as many potential indictments for federal and state crimes as Donald Trump. The Republican’s decision to support such a flawed, fringe, hostile, unqualified man to lead America diminishes the integrity of the party and its past contributions to our democracy. In real politics, Senator Lindsey Graham made a statement that perfectly illustrates the cowardice and complicity of the Republicans in Trump’s assault on democracy; “He thinks he has a plan to fix it. It worked before; it will work again.” The plan Graham is referring to Trump “fixing” is about regaining political power, not policy-making to help the average American. Trump left the country dying by the thousands from an unmanaged pandemic, a destroyed economy, a nation divided, and the aftermath of an insurrection against democracy that he incited.

The Washington Post reports, “The 45-page indictment paints a portrait of a well-connected businessman devoted to advancing the UAE’s goals in the United States: trying to change the wording of a campaign speech, pushing for particular people to be hired in the new administration and aiding the UAE in its battle with regional rival Qatar”. Being the power-hungry, money-worshipping con man that he is, Trump was used as a puppet by foreign countries to promote their political interests. For example, he kept meeting with Kim Jong Un getting nothing of value for the United States and instead legitimized the North Korean dictator on the world stage. President Putin succeeded in making Trump embarrassingly kiss up to him by taking Putin’s word over the US Intelligence community about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Tom Barrack’s indictment is the newest reminder that Trump has surrounded himself with criminals who have been willing to break US laws to promote his political goals. Barrack joins Alan Weisselberg, former Trump Organization CFO who was recently indicted for tax fraud and disgraced former Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani ( whose license to practice law was suspended in New York And DC) and many others on their descent into the potential loss of their freedom. Eventually, the central figure of criminal organizations goes down the hardest.

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