The Former President Donald Trump Could Easily Be Known As President Liar, President Death, President Back- Stabber, President Racist, President Misogynist And President Autocrat. All Of His Character Flaws And Mental Issues Are On Full Display And Threatening The Survival Of Everything That Is Great About America. Republican Enablers Like Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy And Most Of The GOP Congress Are Keeping Trump Relevant To Keep Him From Trashing Them To His Base. Republicans = Power Over Country.

President Liar

  • “I won the 2020 election by a landslide”
  • “COVID19 is like the flu. It will be gone by Easter”
  • ” I don’t know who David Duke Is”
  • ” I didn’t know about the payment to Stormy Daniels”
  • “Windmill noise causes cancer,”
  • ” My inauguration crowd size was the largest in history
  • Pretends to be religious to secure the evangelicals vote
  • Said the tax cuts for the rich would pay for themselves, and the rest of his out of control spending would lower the deficit and add to the economy. ALL LIES. The deficit exploded to over a 3.9 trillion dollars.

President Death

  • He hid the real threat that COVID posed, discouraged mask-wearing and social distancing, and tens of thousands of Americans listened to him and they died
  • He incited a mob filled with white supremacist groups to invade the Capitol on Jan.6th and 5 people died
  • He held a no mask super-spreader rally and his friend Senator Herman Caine caught COVID and died
  • He rolled back over 84 environmental and workplace protections, worsening pollution resulting in approximately 22,000 extra deaths in 2019

President Back-stabber

  • Turned on Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation
  • Publicly attacked VP Mike Pence for refusing to nullify the electoral college vote
  • Trashed William Barr for saying there was no significant voter fraud in the 2020 election.
  • Chief of Staff General John Kelly was fired for not 100% supporting every action Trump too

President Racist

  • Enacted the Muslim ban immediately when elected President
  • Called Mexicans coming into the US rapists
  • Continued to demonize the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Called asylum seekers from Central America ” caravans of criminals”.

President Misogynist

  • “If your famous, you can grab them by the pussy”
  • On Omarosa, ” a crazed, crying low-life and a “dog”.
  • On Kim Kardashian, ” She has fat ass”. ( has he seen his fat ass from behind)
  • On Maxine Waters, ” a low- IQ person” ( from someone whose vocabulary has been assessed as that of a 5 grader)
  • He ordered all women at his Palos Verdes Golf property that he didn’t find attractive fired

President Autocrat

  • Calls peaceful protesters ” terrorists” and incited violence against them
  • Rejects Democratic party in total, favors one-party control of government (Anti- bipartisanship).
  • Marginalization of all minority groups, including women and the disabled
  • Abuse of his power by using the military to advance his political agenda
  • Repeated violation of the Constitution
  • Advancing the idea of him staying in power indefinitely like other dictators
  • Attacks on the free press by attempting to only support news outlets that spread misinformation and only promote him

In their continued support of Trump, millions of Americans are identifying themselves as autocrats, racists, and faux patriots, and faux Christians. Republicans against the Trumpism movement should consider formally splitting from the Trump-Republican party and re-establish the traditional GOP. The courts must continue to prosecute him, his corrupt cronies, and members of his administration for their crimes. Those members of the American electorate who continue to support a racist, law-breaking, low character person to be the leader of this country should pay some price for turning their back on everything America stands for.

Peaceful anti- Trumpism protests should begin now regularly to make sure all Trump-backed candidates for Congress lose in 2022. The Republic is slipping away as millions remain under the spell of the most dangerous cult- leader in US history. Pray for indictments for Trump to finally be ” locked up.”

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