“I Saw Parallels between Adolf Hitler’s Rhetoric As A Victim And Savior And Trump’s False Claims Of Election Fraud,” Is What Chairman Of The Joints Chief Of Staff General Mark Milley Told The Authors Of The New Book, “I Alone Can Fix It.” The Book Chronicles An Unhinged Trump After He Lost The Election. Military Commanders Feared He Would Order A Coup Against The Government And They Prepared To Defy Any Illegal, Dangerous Action Trump Might Order To Use Nuclear Weapons. And Yet Despite Republican Party Leaders Knowledge Of Trump’s Instability, They Still Follow His Lead For Political Reasons.

Books about the nightmarish truths about Trumps’ corrupt and anti-democratic ideology are flooding the market. What is most disturbing is the Republican party leadership’s support of Trump. In doing so, they have declared their party to be the party of corruption, conspiracy theories, lying, and autocracy. If Republican voters understood the meaning of democracy and how their party no longer governs by the intentions inherent in the Constitution, they would reject maniacal, power-hungry leaders like Donald Trump, Senator Mitch McConnell, and Rep. Kevin McCarthy. The white-fear strategy they use on their constituents is proof that these leaders govern America as if it is a country dedicated only to white, Christian males. No compassion for the poor, or racial injustice, or equality for women, or the disabled is reflected in any of their policies.

“I Alone Can Fix It” authored by Carol D. Leonnig and Philip Rucker is a book that sums up what mental health professionals have been warning Americans of since 2016 when Trump took office; Donald Trump is seriously psychologically abnormal. He is narcissistic, cruel, aggressive, dishonest, insecure, paranoid, and possibly delusional. The reporting by General Milley indicates he and other generals were prepared to quit and refuse to carry out any action ordered by Trump if they considered it a dangerous and inappropriate military response. The book reports General Milley called Chief of Staff Mark Mitchell daily during the last months of Trump’s presidency to monitor Trump’s behavior and moods.

Milley feared Trump’s irrational behavior and severe ignorance about the Constitution were leading him to plan a coup to disrupt the smooth transition of power. Trump was also firing career personnel at the Pentagon and replacing them with unqualified supplicants who would do his bidding. These moves alerted Milley and other high-ranking military officials to Trump’s possible use of the military to overthrow the government.

General Milley is a hero and Americans should believe his account of Trump’s erratic behavior after losing re-election. His patriotism towards the Constitution and the military is what motivated him to monitor Trump’s behavior and to resist any move the former president might make to misuse the military. Milley also profusely apologized after his appearance in Lafayette Square in DC during The Black Lives Matter where Trump duped him into participating in the humiliating Bible stunt and the tear-gassing of Americans peacefully protesting. Milley is a staunch advocate for the military being for the Constitution, and not about politics. Trump is the opposite kind of American.

Over 140 people were interviewed for this book. General Milley’s accounting of Trump’s behavior after he lost the election should be enough to move the Republican party away from him and a return to integrity and patriotism. However, Trumps’s hold on his base and fundraising abilities has created a corrupt, treason-like Republican party that won’t quit him. The alternative is for “sane Republicans,” Democrats, and independents to organize, fight the tech companies to ban misformation, demonstrate against autocracy, and march to indict Trump and reject Trumpism.

Because Trump has been successful at corrupting the Republican party, Democrats in Congress must stand together and pass voter protection legislation so election turnout numbers in 2020 break all records and defeat all Trump surrogates and wacky conspiracy theorists whose goal is to mimic the most brutal dictatorships in history.

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