Is Trump Clinically Crazy, Pure Evil, Or Pathologically Power-Hungry ? At CPAC This Weekend, Trump Demonstrated His Love For The Jan 6th Insurrection By Calling The Rioters “Great People”. He Declared The Capitol Attack As ” Lovefest Between Police And The Rioters” And A Peaceful Day “Filled With Love”. Despite The Flood Of Violent Videos Released By The DOJ Showing Trump Rioters Brutally Beating Capitol Police Officers, Trump Says He Saw A Loving, Peaceful, Protest. Instead Of Defending The Capitol Police For Saving The Lives Of Members Of Congress, He Is Making A Martyr Out Of Insurrectionist Ashley Babbitt Who Was Shot By Police As She Aggressively Broke Into The Capitol.

Trump’s disconnect with reality is getting worse. Is he moving towards a complete psychotic break where he might appear onstage talking as if he were Abraham Lincoln or Julius Caesar? His hysterical rantings are causing some Republicans to distance themselves from publicly touting him as being politically competent. He continues to lie about winning the election by a landslide, that the Capitol police were in friendly alliance with the insurrectionists, and that he will be restored as the US president in August. Therapists immediately refer clients who deny reality to a psychiatrist. The law has caught up with Trump and the pressure of probable indictments for him and his family is adding to the level of stress that can put people with a fragile grasp on reality mentally over the edge.

He has also become a political instigator of violence, using it as a strategy to rally the Republican electorate. He continues to lead chants at his rallies of “lock her up” aimed at any woman he has decided to make his target of hatred. Yesterday in Irvine, California Trump supporters aggressively interrupted a family town hall led by Rep. Katie Porter. At CPAC he stirred an aggressive focus on the Capitol officer who shot insurrectionist Ashley Babbitt while she was illegally and violently breaking into the US Capitol just feet away from members of Congress. Trump gets high on violence, especially the kind that occurs in honor of worshipping him. This is called malignant narcissism.

Listening to the speakers at CPAC was scary, laughable, embarrassing, angering, and felt dangerous. Despite the COVID pandemic, the 2020 presidential election had a record turnout and record low incidences of fraud. This reality led to Joe Biden winning the presidency. The CPAC agenda was all about pretending Trump is still the president, of whitewashing the insurrection’s attempt to overturn the legitimate election of a US president, and inciting aggressive demonization of Democrats. This room full of Christians must have skipped the pages in the Bible where Jesus Christ said, “love thy neighbor as thyself, and do unto them as you would have done to you.” Hypocrisy has become a defining trait of elected Republican officials and the Republican electorate. The immorality that defines Trump now defines the party.

The craziness of the Trump-Republican party surpasses anything that the United States has ever experienced. When will it stop? How will we stop them?

  • How much more hypocrisy will Americans accept from the Republican party?
  • How much more disrespect can the Capitol and DC police take from Trump and the Republicans in Congress before they publicly denounce them?
  • Will Republicans continue to allow the wacky Q’ANON followers to brand them as the party of conspiracy theorists?
  • How aggressive will Attorney General Merritt Garland be in prosecuting the insurrectionists and former AG William Barr and crooked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
  • How swiftly will the House committee investigating the Jan.6th attack on the Capitol subpoena Rep. Mark Meadows, Rep. Josh Hawley, Rep, Marjorie Taylor- Greene, and Senator Paul Gosar testify?
  • Should the media stop airing videos of Trump and his surrogates repeating disinformation and conspiracy theories?
  • Should all attorneys who spread lies to the public be disbarred?
  • Why isn’t Georgia charging Trump with the election interference that we all heard him do on tape?
  • Will the House committee subpoena Trump?
  • Should the tape of Trump watching the insurrection be released?

The unprecedented corruption of the Republican party is destabilizing our democracy. There are more questions than answers as to how to confront the assaults on all aspects of American life that this corruption is causing. Those who believe removing Trump from the political scene would start the recovery process for America, are conflicted about how they want to see him go down. Some wishes from the masses are dark and extreme. However, the more moderate exit plans include, prison, a public nervous breakdown, or the Republican party finally dumping him. The most satisfying of the charges that would eliminate the possibility of him ever holding office again would be the state of Georgia accusing him of trying to steal the election. The irony of Trump going to jail for trying to steal the election while he championed the ” big lie” would be satisfying.

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