President Joe Biden Is Showing America How A Competent President Runs A Country. His Visit To The Surfside Tragedy Showed He Is An Effective Consoler- In-Chief. Additionally, The Economy Is Recovering, And A Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill May Pass. Additionally, Biden’s Masterful COVID Vaccination Program Is Saving American Lives And Bills Are In Play To Strengthen Voter Rights And Reform Policing Practices. In Contrast, Trump’s Major Skill Set Involved Being A Convincing Liar And Pretending To Be Working For The Country While Spending Most Of His Time Watching T.V., Yacking On The Phone, Golfing, Eating, And Planning Performance Rallies.


Despite Florida Governor Ron DeSantis”s request to cancel his rally in Sarasota, Florida today because of the ongoing tragedy of the building collapse in Surfside, the egomaniacal former president is performing his embarrassing political circus act anyway. This is just more proof of his narcissism and deficit in being able to feel empathy and demonstrate basic social decorum. No doubt his cult followers will camp out, dressed up in MAGA regalia, scream his name, yell “lock somebody up”, and laugh when he disparages people he knows make look like the imposter that he is.

Despite the Republican party’s war-like opposition to him, President Biden is soldiering on with his legislative agenda to improve the lives of the average American. He is showing patriotism and political and personal integrity by pursuing bipartisanship despite the demonizing opposition waged against him led by the character-flawed Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. The bills central to Biden’s agenda for the American people include;

  • HR1: protecting equal access to voting for all Americans
  • reforming policing practices to ensure racial justice for all Americans taken into custody
  • Rebuilding America’s physical infrastructure
  • Expanding human infrastructure to assist families with childcare
  • Allowing for funding to care for family members with disabilities
  • The CARES ACT approved funding to provide states and local governments 2.2 trillion dollars to provide COVID relief related to healthcare and economic crisis

Biden has explained the connection he sees between human infrastructure and the success of the economy while moving individuals and families either out of poverty or increasing the potential for all Americans to significantly increase their standard of living and the opportunity to reach their goals. Republicans oppose the federal government’s investment in human infrastructure. Hiding behind their misleading commitment to fiscal conservatism, the GOP does not create legislation to raise wages, provide services for children or the disabled, or address homelessness and poverty.

Republicans don’t initiate talks about the debt or deficit because Trump blew them both up by, “spending money like a drunken sailor” says Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska. The tax cuts for the rich never paid for themselves and therefore reduced revenue for social programs that millions of Americans of all color rely on. Economists report the debt under Trump was increasing before the pandemic. It rose to 7.8 trillion dollars under Trump placing a historical burden on future generations to repay. It seems Trump’s incompetent business skills followed him into the White House. He naively touted stock market numbers as if they reflected the totality of how he was managing the economy.

Forbes has reported, “9 out of the last 10 recessions started under Republican presidents leaving economic recoveries to Democrats. The truth about GOP fiscal conservatism is that they are conservative about spending money that directly and more immediately improves the quality of life of the average American. Excessive cuts to funding for education, healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid. Trump supporters who support the ” big lie” should give up the benefits they may receive from President Biden’s policies. They should also be prepared to repay the massive debt left by the worst money-managing president in history.

Biden is breaking records in what he is achieving in this early stage of his presidency. Barack Obama had to clean up George W. Bushes recession and now Biden is tasked with digging us out of Trump’s economical debacle.

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