Rabid MAGA Supporters Should Show Trump They Believe The Big Lie That The Election Was Stolen From Him, By Refusing To Partake In Any Of the Childcare Assistance, Healthcare Expansions, Minimum Wage Increases, Infrastructure Jobs, Or Unemployment Extensions Promised By President Biden. MAGA Supporters Talk Tough, But Will They Prove Their Loyalty By Waging A Gutsy Rebellion Against Biden And Wait Until 2024 To See If Any Meaningful Benefits Will Come From Trump’s Empty Policy Promises? In The Past, His Promises Have Never Materialized. If Biden’s Not Your President, You Don’t Deserve To Gorge On His Accomplishments.

Only Americans who believe Joe Biden is the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election should benefit from his policies. It’s infuriating to imagine Trump supporters continuing to revere him, believe the big lie of a stolen election, and threaten civil war while sucking up every bit of assistance President Biden has given to all Americans during the pandemic. What kind of person bites the hand that is feeding them? Ungrateful, immature, gluttonous, hypocritical sums it up. What kind of person trusts and respects a president who;

  • Has told over 30,000 lies while in office
  • Is accused of sexual misconduct, fraud, tax evasion, perjury, obstruction of justice, hindering congressional oversight, violating the Constitution, inciting an insurrection, and is impeached twice
  • Is kicked off social media for spreading violence- inspiring disinformation
  • Bullies, lies and is crude
  • Is racist
  • Expects loyalty, but is hugely disloyal
  • Tries to instruct election officials to change votes so he can win

Anyone who continues to trust and respect Trump has to be either gullible, a reality tv star fanatic, uneducated, a cultist, racist or anti-democratic. When interviewed upon entering a Trump rally, his supporters make the most unsubstantive, ridiculous, cringe-worthy, naive comments about him and his conspiracy theories. The masses know he is going to be known as the worst, most autocratic, incompetent president in US history. However, the right-wing, white supremacist, uneducated Trump voter still believes everything he says is true, without fact-checking or questioning like a 5 yr-old child. You can see the hyper-mania worship of Trump in their eyes, reminiscent of the kind of high an adolescent feels when going to a concert of their favorite artist.

Trump is the best scam artist ever. Instead of giving his supporters real policies that directly improve their lives, he is giving them a party and a reality show that they get to star in. The MAGA party hats and t-shirts are like drugs being handed out at a college frat party. The strategy is to distract people so they won’t realize they are being lied to and mocked and used as gullible sheep. When asked by the media why they are for Trump, supporters make inarticulate statements about him working for them, making America great again, feeling angry that the election was stolen, how we need a wall, and that the rallies are great. I hate to sound harsh, but none of his supporters sound intelligent or informed about the real ( not false) issues facing America.

It is hard to understand why Trump supporters did not lose faith in him after he caught COVID and super-spread it to friends and family by dangerously ignoring CDC guidelines. How irresponsible was it for the president to lie about the danger of a deadly virus, discourage people from using protective measures, and mock people who acted responsibly? Then after recovering from COVID, he promised all Americans access to the same expensive treatment he received, and never delivered on that promise.

In his cult-ranting style of communication, Trump convinced his followers that building a wall between the US and our ally Mexico was more important than getting a higher wage, improving our infrastructure, confronting COVID, or having moral standing on the world stage. The Trump Organization is set to be charged tomorrow with tax crimes. Trump himself is under investigation for federal financial crimes, civil crimes, and election interference crimes. Couldn’t Republican voters find a worthier candidate to admire and support? At least aomeone who follows the laws in the American Constitution should be a criterion. It would show commitment to the country over party.

Just a last thought for Trump loyalists; Be suspicious of politicians and leaders who only tell you what you want to hear because their motive is usually to be personally adored and to retain power, not to do the right thing.

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