Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani’s Law License Has Been Suspended By The State Of New York Because Of False Statements He Has Made About The 2020 Presidential Election Being Fraudulent And Stolen. This Court Decision Signals The Beginning Of Accountability And Justice Coming To All Republicans Who Continue To Lie About The Election Results. It Also Signals Trouble For Don Jr, And Others Who Incited The Rioters To Try To Stop The Certification Of The 2020 Presidential Election. Downplaying The Insurrection And Trying To Limit Access To Voting Now Defines The Republican Party.

Rudy Giuliani has been acting bizarre since Trump came into power. Many who have known him for years are saddened and concerned about the decline in his cognitive abilities and his character. Like countless others who have gotten got caught up in the corrupt web and cultish allure of Trump, Giuliani is facing accountability for the wrongs he has committed to staying in good standing with Trump. In a CNN Politics report this week, his license was suspended in New York for “communicating demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public at large about the 2020 election results. In his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald Trump, Giuliani has lied, participated in corrupt schemes, and has been an accomplice in Trump’s crimes against democracy.

The recent raid on the disgraced former mayor’s apartment confiscated electronic data records plus the suspension of his law license in New York are indicators justice is closing in on him. Examples of his corruption were recently summarized in a May 2020 article in the Guardian;

  • His corrupt campaign in Ukraine to pressure officials to make statements damaging to Joe Biden to help Trump win re-election
  • Played a key role in having U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovich ousted from her position in Kyiv as she posed a threat to his corrupt political agendas
  • Accepted $500,000 in fees from two Russian associates of his, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who have been indicted for accepting illegal financial donations from foreign sources
  • Violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act
  • Potential bribery or money-laundering conspiracy activity
  • His Ukraine political work “exposes him to a veritable potpourri of different federal offenses” per Phil Halpern, a former federal prosecutor specializing in corruption and campaign finance cases

As Trump’s other former attorney Michael Cohen found out, Trump offers no loyalty to any person, no matter what loyalty they have shown him. Giuliani should prepare himself to be kicked to the curb by Trump in light of the public tainting of his credibility. The biggest loser ex- president famously disparages former loyalists once he believes they are no longer useful to him politically or personally.

There is an obvious curse that goes along with joining the Trump circle. Eventually, scandal, jail, loss of career, and damage to family relationships result from following the corrupt path of the most dangerous man to ever ascend to the presidency. Giuliani and the others who have fallen have only one chance at redemption; flip on Trump and all of his sycophants, leave the cult, apologize for your crimes and ethical acts, and take action to repair the damage you caused to our country

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