The Republican’s Pervasive Opposition To Biden’s Agenda Says Their Only Agenda Is To Win In The 2022 Mid-Terms. They Are Spreading Lies They Know Are False Banking On The Strategy To Win Bank The House And Senate. Lie#1 The Election Was Fraudulent And Stolen From Trump. Lie#2 The Insurrection Was A Lawful Demonstration In Defense Of Democracy. Lie# 3. Trump Did Not Incite The Attack On The Capitol. Lie#4. He Will Be Reinstated To The Presidency In August. Lie #5 Joe Biden Is Mentally Incompetent.

The “culture of winning” is the sole agenda of the new, Trump wing of the Republican party. They are opposing all proposed bills from the Biden Administration, revealing the bankrupt state of their values and distorted view of patriotism. Republicans have become masters at obstruction with no tangible alternative policies. Biden is fighting for;

  • Protecting voting rights by fighting against state voter suppression laws
  • Legislating for racial justice In policing
  • Climate change policies
  • Reducing financial disparity between the classes
  • Social services such as childcare assistance to help families return to work and contribute to the economy
  • Increasing access to affordable healthcare

Voters who believe that Trump and the Republicans are the saviors of America should honestly admit that the Republicans NEVER include healthcare, poverty, police reform, climate change, or services for children or the disabled in their platforms.


Their position that individual states should decide on all issues without federal government involvement is a phony excuse to hide that the heart of the party is not humanistic. The hypocrisy is glaring in the GOP’s narrative. They promote the position that the federal government should delegate control to the states on all issues related to improving the day-to-day lives of Americans but should be fully involved with gun rights, reducing abortion rights for women, and voter suppression legislation. The party, led by Senator Mitch McConnell, the most corrupt politician in recent history, aggressively breaks all ethical norms to appoint conservative judges to further the federal government’s influence on issues they care about while ignoring policies and programs that improve health, financial security, safety of Americans.

The Republican party is running its mid-term election campaign on propaganda, lies, and corruption, led by the autocratic cult leader, former president Trump. Caring more about winning elections and power, the party has redefined what democracy means to excuse the justification of adopting Trumpism over the founding father’s definition of democracy. The cowardice of elected Republican officials is astounding. Their fear of the circus- barking, shyster, reality TV personality, failed ex-president is emasculating and an embarrassment to the country.

Winning back control of the House and Senate by spreading the lie of a stolen election, pushing the lie Trump will be reinstated as president, saying the insurrection was a lawful, constitution-protected demonstration, and that Trump represents the best of American democracy is a losing strategy that Democrats should champion. The Dems are on their way to an easy victory in 2022.

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