A Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Was Struck Today Under The Leadership Of President Joe Biden. While Trump Demonized Democrats And Excluded Them From Policy-Making, Biden Brought 5 Democrats And 5 Republicans Together To Agree On A Historic Deal To Rebuild America And Create Millions Of New Jobs. Biden Continues Succeeding At What Trump Failed To Do; Get Things Done For The Working Class. Biden’s CARE ACT Financially Helped Families And Businesses Devastated By The Pandemic. His Honesty About COVID And Promotion Of Mask- Wearing Saved Lives. In Contrast, Trump Contributed To The Loss Of Life To Thousands Americans By Lying About The Deadly Nature Of COVID-19 And Discouraging The Wearing Of Masks. He Continues To Endanger Lives With The “Big Lie” Of A Stolen Election, However, Biden Succeeds Despite Him.

How Refreshing Is It To Have An Honest, Moral, Compassionate, Competent President Instead Of A Corrupt, Dishonest, Crude, Unqualified Autocrat Who Is Buried In Criminal Investigations And Scandals?

No matter how much Trump tries to best President Barack Obama or current President Joe Biden by lying and cheating, he keeps getting shown up intellectually, morally, and politically. He is the classic corrupt, power-hungry snake oil salesman and so far, those sociopathic skills have allowed him to evade legal consequences. However, investigations into tax evasion and financial crimes in New York, attempted election tampering in Georgia, inciting the insurrection at the Capitol Bldg, and lying about the election being fraudulent and stolen, it is becoming apparent, even to a growing number of Republican loyalists, that he is no patriot. That he loves America is the real BIG LIE.

President Biden is impressing even Republican voters who surprisingly still trust and love a Trump. An analysis of the president’s agenda reveals his strong values and positive vision for American democracy. The bills he is proposing show his commitment to the working class, public health safety ( COVID Vaccine distribution), protecting the environment, racial equality, protecting voting rights, climate change policies, affordable healthcare, and rebuilding the economy by investing in America’s infrastructure. Biden is keeping his promise of full transparency to the American people and the pursuit of bipartisan governing. He also kept his promise to restore our relationships with our allies and to repair our Trump-damaged image around the world. There is an optimism growing since Biden took office. His steadiness, compassion, and experience have garnered him higher poll ratings than Trump ever had.

In contrast, the former president had a corrupt set of values and a dark view of America. His agenda included a continuation of his lifelong racist ideology by implementing a Muslim ban. His autocratic view of the presidency led him to create severe divisions between the parties by dishonest demonization tactics against Democrats. The tax cuts he passed for the rich blew up the debt and did nothing to strengthen the middle class. He withdrew from our global alliances which created an isolated America and an increased threat to our national security. Additionally, he violated the Constitution repeatedly, was impeached twice, and was opposed by many Republican members of the military and law enforcement for inappropriate abuse of power.

The deal Biden and the ten Senators agreed upon may not pass through the scrutiny of Congress. But Biden won many political points at holding these meetings. He showed he believes in the two-party system, can be flexible in negotiations with Republicans. Except for his cult-followers, Americans are tired of Trump’s vitriolic tone, lack of honesty and transparency, and an ” I’m above-the-law” attitude.

Biden vows not to give up on building relationships across party lines. He is committed to rebuilding the middle class and investing in our children’s health and education. Having a moral, authentic, the experienced president is comforting. Having an angry, dishonest, manipulative president is draining. Things are looking up for America thanks to President Biden’s commitment to healing our nation after the assault it endured for the past four years by Donald Trump.

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