The Republican Party Has Been Taken Over By Extremist Conspiracy Theorists And Liars, So This Blog Thought It Would Be An Appropriate Time For Trump Supporters To Consider Questions To Help Them Determine How They Feel About The Current State Of Their Party, It’s Ideologies, And Lack Of Policy-making. Sane Republican Members Of Congress Must Keep Fighting The Fringe.

Questions for conservatives who 100% support the former president, a one-party system, and conspiracy theories should ask themselves;

  • Do you look for facts that support what Fox News performance journalists report?
  • Are you in favor of people with mental health issues or past violent crimes having access to buying guns?
  • Are you in favor of militias organizing to take down our government because their party lost an election?
  • Does it upset you that your state government can overturn the results of an election, nullifying your vote simply because they don’t like the election results?
  • Do you ever research to learn if what Fox Performance journalists say is true is factual? If no, why not?
  • Do you think Republicans should be excused for immoral behaviors, and Democrats should be punished for the same or less egregious acts?
  • Would you still support Trump if you discovered he paid for the abortions of the many women he has slept with?
  • What should happen to elected officials who violate the Constitution?
  • What should happen to elected officials who violate the teachings of the Bible?
  • What should happen to an elected official if their lies can be disproved?
  • Is it abuse if men grab women by the genitals without permission as Trump has bragged about doing?
  • If a president commits a crime while in office, do you think they should able to be indicted? If no, why?
  • Do you ever oppose Trump, Mitch McConnell, or Kevin McCarthy’s ideology?
  • Do you think the conservative’s quest for power has lowered their moral functioning?
  • Have you watched videos from the Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol? If yes, did you hear rioters threaten to harm Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence?
  • If you saw the Capitol attack, did you see police being beaten, verbally abused, and threatened?
  • How would you feel about the Capitol attack if Vice President Mike Pence had been killed?
  • Did you hear Senator Mitch McConnell blame Trump for causing the insurrection right after it happened?
  • Did you hear Minority leader Kevin McCarthy blame Trump for the behavior of the rioters right after it happened?
  • Do you support the 14 congressman’s position of not awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the DC and Capitol police?
  • Do you believe the police at the Capitol deserve to be honored?
  • Have you read the Constitution or at least all the amendments?
  • Do you understand that if you overlook the many ways Trump violated the Constitution, you must accept the same behavior in a Democratic president?
  • Do you believe in equality for all races, religions, and genders? If no, why?
  • What are three policies that are a part of the Republican party 2021 platform?
  • Do you think the Republican party should split into two parties?
  • If indisputable evidence emerges and Trump is indicted for federal crimes, will you accept the rule of law over your adoration for Trump?
  • Do you believe in the ideology of Q’anon?
  • Have you considered aligning with the traditional members of Congress like Rep’s Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, and Senators Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse?
  • Do you benefit from Obamacare? If yes, how do you feel about the Republicans trying to get rid of it, with no replacement program as they promised?
  • Did you benefit from President Biden’s CARE ACT? How do you feel about no Republicans voting for it?

These questions aim to elicit a change in the partisan hatred and conspiracy theory ideology that now defines the Republican party. Asking ourselves challenging questions about our feelings and beliefs can be enlightening. Insight and an openness to change our minds can bring about new ways of perceiving other people, ourselves, and the beliefs that guide us morally, politically, and behaviorally.

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