The Republican Party Is Now The Party That Abandoned Law Enforcement And Support Anti-Democracy Activism. Yesterday Twenty-One Republican Members Of Congress Voted Against Awarding The Congressional Gold Medal To The Capitol And D.C. Police For Their Heroic Efforts To Protect The Capitol, Save the Lives Of Members Of Congress, And Defend Our Democracy During The Jan. 6th Trump Incited Insurrection. Trump loyalist Rep Paul Gosar Of Arizona Referred To The Police As “Executioners”, Calling The Insurrection A “Typical Tour Day”, And Refusing To Meet With Police Officers Who Fought To Save Their Lives.


One of the many “big lies” of the Trump scam on America is that Trump and the Republicans are the parties of law and order. It appears the only time they come out strongly to support police officers is when they are defending their use of excessive force against black men. Trump and his congressional hypocrites have chosen not to show public support and empathy for the Capitol and DC police who were physically and emotionally injured defending the Capitol in the Jan. 6th insurrection. Even more despicable are the attitudes of many House and Senate Republicans who are now accusing the police and the FBI of violating the rights of the Capitol mob.

Despite footage of the riot depicting the violence, Rep. Andrew Clyde has shown his insensitivity and stupidity by referring to that shameful day as a ” typical tour day” at the Capitol. How dumb is Rep. Clyde is the question of the day? There is footage of him at the Capitol attack, looking worried as he helped barricade the doors to keep the rioters out. He is a disgrace to the integrity of the House of Representatives by showing deference to the rioters and indifference to the police officers. Fanone also reportedly had a disheartening experience with Rep. Clyde who refused to shake his hand yesterday at the Capitol or talk to him. Clyde turned away Fanon and appeared to be trying to tape him on his phone. These Trump Republicans are repeatedly proving that they and Trump himself only support law enforcement when it benefits them politically.

DC police officer Fanone, one of the officers who suffered severe injuries by being beaten and tased by rioters. He has become an advocate for the police who defended the Capitol and suffered the physical and emotional injury during the attack. Appearing on Don Lemon’s CNN show, Officer Fanone described his disappointing, painful visit to the Capitol today. He told Lemon he went to the Capitol to try to meet with the 21 Republicans who voted against awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the police who defended the Capitol. He said his goal was to educate the lawmakers about the brutality they suffered (and still suffer) at the hands of violent Trump insurrectionists.

Sane, patriotic Republicans need to organize against Mitch McConnell, the 2nd in command in support of the Trump ideology that is trying to kill democracy. If McConnell and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in the House would lead Congress with democracy in mind instead of kissing up to Trump, the conspiracy theory, racist lawmakers would be made irrelevant. What evidence will it take to awaken the 74,000 million people who voted for Trump and who still support his ideology they have been punked by this dangerous con man? Evidenced-based, illegal, financial scandals are emerging as investigations near conclusion.

Gaslighting Americans who are captured in the cult of Trump has become normalized by the most pervasively, the corrupt Republican party in US history. These lawmakers brazenly lie and spin the truth about the insurrection believing that Trump’s dwindling, gullible, unintelligent, sheep-like followers will believe anything Trump says. In their corrupt pursuit of power, Republicans have failed to uphold their oath to uphold the Constitution, have both abandoned their religious values and law enforcement.

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