Former President Barack Obama Urges Americans To Take The Voter Suppression Movement By Republicans As A Serious Attack On Democracy. Obama Said, “This Experiment In Democracy Is Not Self- Executing. It Doesn’t Happen Automatically.” Obama Warns The Danger Of 1) The Republicans Declaration To Block Any Legislation Introduced By President Biden, 2) Of The Corrupt Passing Of Bills By Republican State Governments To Overturn Elections If Their Party Loses, And 3) The Republicans Willingness To Support Trump’s “Big Lie” About Election Fraud To Protect Their Jobs.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday night, President Obama expressed both feelings of disappointment and hope. He said, “I didn’t expect that so few people would say, ” Well, I don’t mind losing my office because this is too important. America is too important. Democracy is too important.” However, in true Obama fashion, he added, “I hope that the tide will turn”. Hope has driven Obama to persevere and thrive through difficult times in his personal and political life.

The discussion included the acknowledgment that by living through the corruption of the Trump years, democracy proved to be durable. However, because of how close democracy came to its collapse under Trump and the corrupt DOJ led by Attorney General William Barr, all Americans must do their part to fight for the rule of law to survive. Listening to Obama’s words brought to memory the shocking, blatant corruptive acts committed by Trump, Barr, and his associates such as;

  • Trump directed Barr to investigate his opponents and obstruct investigations into his crony, law-breaking friends
  • Barr lied about the findings in the memo sent by Mueller to the DOJ summarizing the report on the Russia investigation
  • Trump incited the insurrection and doing nothing to stop it, instead, he directed the rioters to “stop the steal.”
  • Trump said that if he lost re-election, it would mean the 2020 election was rigged.
  • Chief of staff Mark Meadows pressuring the attorney general to pursue conspiracy theories such as alleging Italy used some sort of technology that changed votes cast for Trump into votes cast for Biden
  • Trump asking the Secretary of State of Georgia to change the state’s electoral vote count to make him the winner
  • Republican state legislatures passing bills to make it harder for people, especially minorities and the disabled to vote
  • Republican legislatures are passing bills allowing them to overturn the result of an election if they don’t like the results
  • Trump pardoned federal criminal General Michael Flynn who lied about contact with Russians during the 2016 presidential election, and who last week at a Q’anon conference suggested the military should enact a coup against the U.S. government as they did in Myanmar

President Obama’s message to Americans is to become active against any attack on the foundation of democracy. The most threatening movement attempting to chip away at our democracy is being led by elected officials in Republican-led state governments. Voters must understand that a state’s ability to overturn election results means the votes and the will of the people in those states will soon mean nothing. The sacredness of the vote being threatened is synonymous with the end of democracy. The cult of personality is keeping the worst president in U.S. history politically alive and pathological lying has spread from that former guy to the weakest, most corrupt Senate in U.S. history.

In his interview with CNN’s Cooper, Obama’s announced his non-profit, private-sector program to help men and boys of color succeed. The program, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, was formed ” to close the gap between minority students and their peers in school performance, higher education, and career trajectory. Whether you fully agree with Obama’s policies or not, one thing apparent thing; he is moral, intelligent, compassionate, competent, committed, and patriotic v the former guy who is dishonest, crude, adulterous, narcissistic, corrupt, and incompetent. What topics would Trump mentor boys about?

  • How to swindle
  • How to lie and get away with it
  • How to cheat on a spouse
  • How to bully people into submission


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