President Biden’s Job Report For May Added 567,000 Jobs. This Is Another Achievement For Biden To Claim Victory During His First 400 Days In Office. His America Rescue Plan Is Helping Additionally, Millions Of Americans And Small Businesses Recover From The Impact Of The Pandemic And The Success Of His Vaccination Distribution Plan Is Saving Lives And Reviving The Economy. In Trump’s First Few Months As President He Called For A Ban On Muslims Entering The Country, Tried To Repeal The Affordable Care Act Which Would Have Caused Millions Of Americans To Lose Healthcare, And Began Alienating Our Allies And Romancing Autocrats.

President Biden has been working hard to get things done for the American people without any interest in holding rallies, excessive tweeting, compulsive golfing, or butting in on subjects completely irrelevant to his duties as president. Trump commented continuously on sports-related controversies, entertainment news, the weather, or anything topic he could use to excuse him from learning about the Constitution or how government operates differently than a reality TV show or a real estate company. The only reason Biden hasn’t gotten more legislation passed is because of Mitch McConnell, the power-hungry Senator from Kentucky, a state with his representation is one of the poorest performing states in America.

President Biden is assertively and successfully governing despite blanket opposition to his presidency. His goal of protecting American democracy, ending the pandemic, restoring morality to government, and facilitating economic recovery is being thwarted by a corrupt Republican party led by two enemies of democracy. Both McConnell and Trump blatantly display verbal and behavioral disrespect for democracy. America is a two-party political system, however, for decades McConnell has publicly announced his goal of continuous opposition to any agenda put forth by a Democratic president, even before he hears the details of the policies. Isn’t it anti-democratic for an elected official to be against bipartisanship, the process by which the parties work to find compromises within their ideological differences?

Additionally, Trump is attacking, not bolstering democracy by spreading false claims about election fraud in the 2020 election he lost. He is encouraging battleground states to run bogus audits in a corrupt attempt to overturn a free, fair Democratic election. Amid this historical corruption in American politics, President Biden has been governing to achieve the goals of;

  • protecting voter rights
  • achieving racial equality
  • addressing climate change
  • creating jobs through improving infrastructure
  • restoring dignity to the office of the presidency
  • repairing alliances with our allies that Trump damaged
  • ending the pandemic with a successful vaccine program
  • confronting China regarding the origin of COVID-19
  • restoring bipartisanship within Congress
  • encouraging investigations into the causes of the Jan. 6th deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol
  • encouraging the DOJ to independently decide who to investigate and prosecute for breaking any federal laws
  • legislating against all forms of disinformation and propaganda aimed at corrupting democracy
  • supporting law enforcement reform
  • encouraging economic equality for middle and lower-income families through wage increases and funding for improved educational opportunities
  • being tough on China’s violation of trade laws and their human rights violations

Despite fervent opposition to the positive goals he is attempting to accomplish for America, Biden is staying focused and stable on his positive vision for America. He is mature and stable and has chosen to stay out of the Trump/ Republican circus of conspiracy theories and hipocracy. The Republican leadership and former autocratic, twice-impeached, one-term President who never won the popular vote are trying to redefine the American democracy. Through gerrymandering and voter suppression legislation they seem intent on creating a one-party, autocratic system of government.

President Biden will use his experience in government, his knowledge as a lawyer, his decency as a human being, and the power of the presidency to protect democracy. Additionally, the absence of corrupt former Attorney General William Barr will allow a now independent, non-corrupt DOJ to restore America to the practice of “no one is above the law.”

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