Donald Trump’s Appearance At North Carolina’s Republican Convention Tonight Secured His Standing As The Poster Boy For Low Self-Esteem And Corruption. He Called The 2020 Election ” The Crime Of The Century”. Listening To Him Lie, Attack And Almost Beg For Validation Was Cringe-Worthy. He Sounded Like A Desperate, Tired Rerun Of Angry One-liners, Personal Attacks, And Gaslighting Classics Like “I’m Not The One Trying To Destroy America, I’m The One Trying To Save It.” He Sounds Delusional. He Thinks The Definition Of Democracy Is 1) He Remains President, 2) Rich People Don’t Pay Taxes, And 3) AK 47’s Are Available To Any Wacko Who Wants One. The “Crime Of The Century” Would Have Been If He Had Succeeded In Fraudulently Overturning The Election.

Trump is as embarrassing to watch as a former president as he was when he was in office. Watching him perform the “big lie” shtick like an old vaudeville act is brutal. Hearing for the thousandth time how the election was “rigged” and stolen alerts the need for an intervention to help him face;

  • He lost the election. He lost the popular vote and the electoral vote.
  • No significant fraud occurred in the 2020 election.
  • Over 60 judges threw out all his claims of fraud as having no validity.
  • The bogus recount in Arizona will prove he lost and further humiliate him.
  • President Biden’s approval rating is approaching 60 %.
  • Being thrown off Twitter and Facebook is rare, especially for a former president. The actions indicate he says dangerous things and puts American lives at risk
  • He is facing potential federal indictments and lying on camera could hurt him if prosecuted
  • He is NOT being reinstated as president by August.

The psychological disorders that hundreds of mental health professionals have speculated Trump may suffer from explains why he can’t accept his defeat. Narcissists have fragile egos and are constantly defending against toxic shame. Additionally, sociopaths do not experience normal levels of empathy therefore they tend to be cruel, selfish, and indifferent to the suffering of others. Trump’s need to demonize Democrats and Republicans who don’t support him and his violent rhetoric towards them is the kind of behavior that indicates he is psychologically compromised. A psychologically normal person can handle defeat and rejection without needing to lie to protect their egos. A stable person does not need to disparage their opponents to maintain their self-worth. A healthy person can think beyond themselves for the greater good of others.

Can you imagine Trump being a supportive and gracious loser? The answer is because his personality and insecurities disable him to appropriately navigate shame and disappointment. His need to delegitimize Biden’s win is the only way he can change the reality that he got beaten by 8 million popular votes and 74 electoral votes. In his speech in North Carolina, he urged his supporters to watch the audits in the battleground states for they will prove he won. It is predicted by many political analysts that these audits will never be completed to avoid the risk of exposing what every state has proven; no fraud occurred in the election process. The audits are part of the “big lie” reality show. They are “episodes” aimed at keeping the drama going to entertain and incite his supporters. While they stay in hope of finding fraud and stripping Biden of his presidency, they can bask in the idea of Trump being reinstated as the president. He was a horrible, incompetent president but IS quite adept at creating fictional, self-serving narratives and getting masses of people to deny reality along with him.

He rattled off criticisms of Biden and declared the president is destroying America. The truth is, Biden is fighting to protect voting rights, has directed a massively effective COVID-19 vaccination program, is seeing strong job numbers, and is trying harder than Trump ever did to legislate in a bipartisan way. Biden faces no scandals, no potential indictments, or civil suits by women for sexual assault or other crimes. He did his “faux,” strongman act by pronouncing support of the 2nd Amendment, the police, the military, and White-Judeo Christians while whining about losing the presidency.

In the speech, he aligned his goals with those Americans in voting demographics who support him. He espoused support verbally for groups of Americans such as law enforcement, the military, and the working class yet has thrown them under the bus time after time for his self-interests. He continues to show no public compassion or recognition of the physical and emotional suffering the Capitol police are enduring because of the insurrection attack he inspired. Additionally, during his presidency, he didn’t hesitate to take funding allocated to the military to build his base-rallying, useless, racist wall.

In the speech, he demanded China pay reparations to every country damaged by the pandemic despite the fact the investigation into the origin of the virus has just started and no findings have yet to been discovered. He falsely claimed specific forms of voter fraud occurred in the presidential election, yet his legal team presented no credible evidence to prove it. Trump calls for investigations he thinks will serve his interests, and obstructs those that promise to expose his corruption. During his North Carolina speech, he looked and sounded like a flame that’s going to flicker out at any minute. America desperately needs one of the investigations against him to blow out that flame before more people die from the violence and racial wars his rhetoric and mere presence inspires.

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