“American Democracy Is In Peril” Are The Disturbing Words President Joe Biden Said In A Moving, Inspirational Speech In Tulsa, Oklahoma At The 100th Anniversay Of The Tulsa Massacre Of Black Wall Street. He Warned That White Supremacists Are Out To Destroy Democracy And Republicans In Congress Are Complicit In Their Silence. Also Spreading The Election Lie And Emboldening The “Big Lie” Traitors Are Disgraced General Michael Flynn And Conspiracy Theorist And Former Trump Attorney Sidney Powell. They Spoke At A Right- Wing Q’Anon Conference This Past Weekend, Sounding Crazy. Flynn Called For A Military Coup To Remove Biden From Office And Reinstate The Loser Donald Trump. Dangerous, Delusional, Anti-American.

Hearing ). President Biden speak competently, intelligently, and compassionately is always a reminder of how DUMB Donald Trump is. It also is a reminder of what an empathic, honest, humble, moral patriotic person Biden is, and what a lying, cold, unpatriotic, selfish, and crude person Trump is. While Trump and the Republicans create policies to keep minorities down and struggling, Biden and the Democrats create legislation to emotionally and financially lift minorities and all poor Americans in rural and urban areas. Biden’s appearance today in Tulsa was historical. No President in the last 100 years came to Tulsa to show respect for the victims of the “Black Wall Street Massacre where 300 black Americans were massacred by a white mob. Biden came to Tulsa to end the silence about the atrocities and to announce policies that will shrink the economic gap for black citizens.

While President Obama warned Trump, ” watch out for Michael Flynn” Trump was thinking, ” how can I use Flynn’s criminal mind to do my dirty deals with foreign countries.” The federal criminal Flynn is aligned with the mentally ill cult Q’Anon and at their conference, last week said ” a coup like the one in Myanmar should happen here.” His speech was anti-American in the same way Trump’s insurrection speech was. These Republicans who tell the ” big lie” that Trump won the election, that there was widespread voter fraud, and that Trump will be reinstated as president by August are traitors to the Constitution and interested ONLY in power, not policy or the average American’s needs.

Biden spoke of the heinous acts of murder against black residents of the Greenwood community and exhorted, ” just because history is silent it doesn’t mean that it did not take place, and now the nation must come to grips with the subsequent sin of denial. I come here to fill the silence because in silence wounds deepen.” When did Trump ever deliver a speech aimed to improve the racial divide, heal the wounds from slavery, or support racial justice in policing? He showed his ignorance and disinterest in black community issues and worse is how he continues to embrace white supremacist voters. Biden’s presence in Tulsa on the exact day the massacre occurred 100 years ago showed respect for the victims and compassion for the surviving family members. He promised to take actions such as part of the healing process such as exploring the possibility of reparations, enacting police reform legislation, and fighting against voter suppression tactics by Republicans,

Biden tied together with the voter suppression issue which targets black and brown communities with the years of black enslavement, the segregation era, and the economic inequities between the races. His presence in Tulsa reinforced his commitment to fighting the likes of Michael Flynn, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and of course anything ” the former guy,” represents.

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