Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Should Be Kicked Out Of Congress For Her Anti-Semitic Comparison Of Mandated Mask-Wearing In The House To Jews Being Forced By The Nazi’s To Wear Yellow Stars On Their Clothing While Being Marched To The Gas Chambers. Additionally, The Horrific 5 Day Silence By Republican Leadership Over Greene’s Nasty- Mouthed, Insulting, Holocaust Ignorance And Partisan Venom Is Anti-Semitic. Trump Not Denouncing Her Is More Proof He Is No Ally To The Jewish People. Republicans’ Support Of Israel Is Not About Caring About Jews Or Israel. It’s About Winning The Orthodox Jewish Vote In Their Pursuit Of Power.

By equating the Holocaust with mandated mask-wearing, Taylor Greene minimized the slaughter of the 6 million Jews and proved her scholastic ignorance and indifference to the tragedy inflicted on Jews by Hitler. This recent deplorable comment by Greene is not the first time she has negatively targeted Jews. In a January 2021 Vox article, multiple examples of Greene’s attacks on Jews were enumerated.

  • In 2018, Greene claimed the California Wildfires were ignited by a space laser controlled by a wealthy Jewish banking family, the Rothschilds
  • In 2018, Greene posted an anti- Semitic conspiracy theory by a known British anti- Semite on her Facebook, two months after the Pittsburg Synagogue massacre creating increased danger to American Jews
  • Has said, “any rational Jew thinks mask mandates are as bad as the Holocaust”.

The 5 day delay denouncing Greene’s comments

by Congress proves the “female Trump” has succeeded in continuing the systemic emasculation of male Republicans in Congress. The Republican Congress of The Trump era has proven to be the most dangerously anti-American, racist, and anti-Semitic body of lawmakers in the history of the United States. They only speak out against racism and anti-Semitism after they assess which position will get them votes. Their support of Trump’s racist policies against immigrants and their silence at Taylor Greene’s anti-Semitic rants proves their lack of character and disrespect for basic American values.

If Taylor Greene was a Democrat, the party would have kicked her out without hesitation. Morally, no party is perfect, but since Donald Trump’s presidency and throughout Senator Mitch McConnell’s reign of assault on the two-party system, the Democrats look like Mother Theresa’s disciples. The GOP’s claim of being the party of Christian values got flushed down the toilet when they elected the ” female-genital grabbing” Trump, and in the acceptance and support of conspiracy theorist, stalker, nasty woman Marjorie Taylor Green.

Trump and Greene share many toxic traits in common that now define 3/4 of elected Republican officials. They both lie, whine, bully, blame, threaten, and are unquestionably DUMB!!! Trump failed countless times to be able to quote a full Bible verse and continuously misinterpreted laws in the Constitution. He talked about Fredrick Douglass as if he were alive, publicly said during a speech in Europe that his dad was born in Germany, forgetting he wrote in his book, the Art of the Deal, that his dad was born in New York City and his family originated from Sweden. ae also said people need to show IDs to buy cereal, that exercise lessens the finite amount of energy given to humans, and the award-winning comment about injecting bleach to treat COVID. With these public displays of idiocy, it is understandable why his college transcripts are hidden in the basement vault at The University of Pennsylvania.

Greene is out of her league intellectually with her peers. She has her little BA in business which hasn’t seemed to increase her understanding of how government works. Additionally, in her public comments, she demonstrates little knowledge of U.S. history. Her pattern of conspiracy theory beliefs, like Q’anon, space lasers, and of course “the big lie” is proof she probably has psychological issues that indicate mental health intervention is needed. In pre-Trump America, she would never have been elected to serve in government.

On the positive side, she behaves and thinks so impulsively and irrationally she will probably implode herself and in doing so restore sanity and integrity to the House. Her aggressive stalking of Rep Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez may result in a restraining order being issued if she doesn’t stop. Her behavior in the House is inappropriate, desperate, and may lead to her downfall. We can only hope!

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