The Real “Big Lie” Is Trump Was A Great President. Despite What His 73 Million Supporters Think, He Sucked! He Tanked The Strong Economy He Inherited From Obama, He Is The Hero Of White Supremacist Terrorist Groups, He Incited A Terrorist Attack On The Capitol, He Is Under Investigation For Countless Federal Crimes, He Lied ( On Tape) About The Dangers Of COVID-19 Contributing To The Deaths Of Tens Of Thousands of Americans, He Supports Fringy Conspiracy Theorists, And He Damaged Aspects Of Democracy Such As Election Integrity, The Judiciary, And America’s Moral Standing In The World.


Trump and his followers put all the blame on the pandemic for the massive deaths of Americans from COVID and the crashed economy. The truth: When challenged with a public health crisis, Trump lied, showed his ignorance, and consciously chose political opportunism over protecting American lives and the economy. His malignant narcissism and sociopathy have driven all of his impulses to en masse autocratic control over the country and inject blatant racism, sexism, and fascism into the U.S. rule of law.

Webster’s definition of fascism: a political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized, autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

His strategies to accomplish this takeover of our government has been to:

  • Gaslight his followers to believe those who don’t support him are plotting to destroy democracy
  • Hire criminal minds like former Attorney General William Barr, the wacky Rudy Guiliani, known racist Steven Miller, and others to block the execution of the rule of law
  • Spread conspiracy theories to attract voters who belong to white supremacist groups, evangelical extremists, and the under-educated
  • Mimic verbal and physical behaviors of historical dictators and cult leaders
  • Raise millions of dollars by spreading the “the big election lie” to fund his takeover of the dying Republican party
  • Befriend and support the election of conspiracy theorists to Congress

True believers of Trump are unwilling to face the facts that prove Trump is mentally unwell and dangerous. Maybe they should ask themselves questions like:

  • If President Biden talked and acted exactly like Trump, would you be fine with it?
  • Do you see that Twitter banning a President for lying, proves he is a liar? ( Twitter only bans dangerous lies)
  • Do you believe that Joe Biden and the Clintons have either physically eaten or had sex with small children? ( visualize that before you answer)
  • If you have a daughter, would you show her videos and photos of Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene and tell her that is a perfect role model for her?
  • If you have a son, would you show him the video of Trump suggesting to drink bleach to treat COVID, telling insurrection rioters ” we love you”, calling white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, “good people”, referring to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and tell him ” be exactly like that man”?
  • Would you teach your children that lying is acceptable if it gets you what you want?
  • If Trump had won the election, would you have agreed with Joe Biden leading a “stop the steal” campaign and a “big lie” campaign about the stolen election?”

For the non-mentally ill Trump supporter, there are only a few explanations to explain any remaining trust, loyalty, or respect for him:

  • You follow the messaging to HATE all Democrats by the most anti-democracy, worst lawmaker in history, Senator Mitch McConnell
  • You’re among the greedy 1%
  • You’re a white-collar criminal
  • You’re a reality star junkie
  • You’re a religious extremist
  • You’re a former follower of other cults
  • You are a racist
  • You have irrational fears of “white race extinction”
  • You are under-educated
  • Like Trump, you don’t read

The former president continues to act as a moronic, danger to democracy as he did when he was in office:

  • He continues to desperately, embarrassingly try to re-litigate the 2020 election that 60 federal, state, and Supreme Court judges (that he appointed) say he LOST
  • He is raising money, using the stolen election lie, to rip off his vulnerable followers, making schmucks out of them
  • He is planning to rally for a re-election bid in 2024
  • He is supporting conspiracy theorist Republican members of Congress
  • By his silence, he refuses to support law enforcement officers who were attacked in the Jan 6th Capitol insurrection and instead shows support and sympathy for the rioters being charged for the crimes committed that day
  • He attacks members of his party who oppose him, and in doing so is stupidly shrinking, not growing the Republican electorate

Trump’s pathology is so severe, he cannot stop behaving in ways that sabotage his goals of regaining power and the respect his desperately damaged ego craves. It seems the investigations based on his past criminal, poor judgment behaviors are closing in on him. This is the kind of downfall dictators and mob bosses inevitably face.

Traditional conservatives like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Adam Kinzinger and Republican groups like the Lincoln Project, The Republican Accountability Project, And The Really American Pac are bravely fighting to defeat Trumpism and restore integrity to our two-party system.

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