By Voting Liz Cheney Out Of Her Leadership Position, The Republicans Have Branded Themselves As The Party Of Lies, Corruption, Power-Grabbing, Trump Worshipping Conspiracy Theorists. The GOP Is Attacking The Foundation Of Our Democracy, Our Electorally Decided Elections. The Republicans Have Abdicated Their Oath To Uphold The Constitution. Cheney Patriotically Denounced the ” Big Lie” And Vowed To Do What She Can To Keep Trump From Ever Returning To The Oval Office.

This blog staunchly disagrees with Liz Cheney’s ultra-conservative ideology. However, it admires her courage, integrity, and patriotism for standing up for truth, the Constitution, and declaring Trump a threat to the foundation of our democracy. She continues to deconstruct the election lie by saying, “the electoral college vote was fairly counted, and Joe Biden won the election.” She reminded the House that 60 state and federal judges, many of them Trump appointees, found no credible evidence presented by the Trump legal team substantiated their claims that fraud had occurred.” Cheney is evident in her position that the “big lie” attacks the integrity of the judiciary which is the central component of the rule of law established in the Constitution.

The corrupt buy-in of her party to Trumpism over the Constitution has pushed Cheney, along with Rep Adam Kinzinger and Senator Mitt Romney, to risk their careers to fight “to love our country so much we will stand for her against politics.” She added, “Trump is on a campaign to undermine democracy,” and It was noted in the media there has been such a direct pushback by Republicans in Congress about Cheney’s declaration of, “We must speak the truth, our election was not stolen, and America has not failed.”

After removing Cheney from her leadership position today because she refuses to back the ” big lie,” hypocrite Rep. Kevin McCarthy said, “I don’t think anyone is questioning the legitimacy of the election.” By supporting Trump, the perpetrator of the lie, he and his caucus are attacking, not legitimizing the election. Republican voters should feel insulted by how stupid he thinks they are.

During Senate negotiations today on “The For The People Act,” Senator Chuck Schumer slowly looked around the broom and calmly repeated, “everyone in this room knows the big lie is a lie; everyone knows it.” The room stayed quiet; no one spoke up to challenge his assertion. The weak Republicans have become willing hostages to whatever dangerous narrative Trump decides to spread. Their corrupt hunger for power is putting our democracy in the hands of a proven autocratic, incompetent ” mad king.”

The Republican resistance movement to Trump and his anti- rule of law vision for America is growing. The Lincoln Project, The Really Americans Pac, The Republican Accountability Pac, and Adam Kinzinger’s Country First Movement give Democrats hope that America has significant numbers of Republicans working to dump the wacky, conspiracy theory, corrupt infiltrators of the conservative component of our two-party system of government.

At today’s House hearing on the attack on the Capitol building, it was disturbing and disheartening to hear Republicans lie and deny the fact that the attack on the Capitol was an insurrection incited by Trump’s lie that he won the election that he lost. January 6th was a warning about the destruction to our democracy Trump, Trumpism, and Trump loyalists have in mind for America. Supporting Republican and Democrat pro-democracy groups is essential if America is to recover its morals and retain its commitment to maintaining democracy.

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