What Happens When A Dumb Person Is Elected President Is Half The Country’s IQ Plummets. 70% Of Americans Believing The 2020 Election Was Stolen Because An Insecure, Incompetent, Epic Liar Says So Puts The Survival Of The Rule Of Law And Moral Decency In Jeopardy. Will The Inevitable Indictments Against Trump For Federal Crimes Break The Base’s Embarrassing Loyalty To Him, And Convince Them What Smart, Decent Americans Have Known; HE IS AN AUTOCRAT WHO LOVES DICTATORS, Defies American Democracy, And Suffers From A Psychologically Disordered Character?

What does it say about someone who trusts and likes a liar? The “big lie” about the stolen election is a strategy to facilitate Trump’s shame about losing re-election and to appeal to millions of Republicans who can’t or won’t read, are liars themselves, are celebrity junkies, or unpatriotic partisans. Washington insiders anonymously report Trump is an idiot, a criminal, and a pathological liar. They also say he is a master narcissist, brander, performer, and bully. By amassing millions of vulnerable voters, especially evangelical, white-extinction fear Americans and white supremacists groups, he has secured a large enough base to control the party.

Let’s go down the memory lane of the dumb statements and actions Trump has made;


  • Prior to the pandemic’s crashing of the economy, Trump’s tax cuts for the rich caused a surge in the national debt to 7.8 trillion dollars by the time he left office ( the 3rd largest in U.S. history).
  • Suggested injecting bleach into people to eliminate the virus by giving the lungs “a good washing.”
  • Suggested directing ultra-violet light through the skin to kill the virus
  • Said COVID will go away when the weather gets hot
  • Said, “I don’t want to wear masks when I greet kings and prime ministers. It’s not for me.” ( then he stupidly caught COVID).
  • Side-lined world-renowned epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci and elevated the wacky, unqualified Mike Lindell “Pillow Guy” to the COVID task force
  • He referred to the virus as the ” Kung flu virus,” causing an increase in anti-Asian violence.
  • Hosted crowded events at the White House, causing dozens of people to become infected with COVID
  • Hosted crowded campaign rallies at the height of the raging numbers of COVID infections

Stupidity in governing;

  • He didn’t know or care about the qualifications for Cabinet positions and named incompetent, crony friends to the positions
  • Hired son-in-law Jared Kushner, above countless qualified professionals to head the opioid crisis issue, solve the Middle East crisis and advise on matters of national security without a proper security clearance
  • Blocked officials from answering legal subpoenas issued by Congress
  • Violated the right to peaceful protest given by the Constitution by ordering the tear-gassing of American citizens in Lafayette Park
  • Claimed states are responsible for governing themselves, then interjected military actions on state sovereignty during Black Lives Matter protests
  • Illegally took money from the Pentagon to use for his racist, unnecessary border wall project
  • Sided with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki against reports by the U.S. intelligence community regarding well-documented Russian interference in the 2016 election
  • Lied under oath in a written statement to Independent Counsel Robert Mueller during the Russia investigation

General examples of stupidity;

  • When asked, could not recite one verse from the Bible
  • Exhibited no comprehension of the Constitution and made continuous mistakes in governing
  • Has been assessed as demonstrating a vocabulary at the fifth-grade level
  • Made embarrassing spelling mistakes on Twitter
  • Claimed noise from windmills causes cancer
  • Claimed exercise not good for health because it uses up the limited energy of the human body
  • Suggested it was important NASA focus on “science.”
  • When arguing in favor of voter ID, they stated, ” you have to show ID when you go grocery shopping

The office of the U.S. President is one of the most complex jobs in the world. Electing Trump with his intellectual limitations and grandiose ego has degraded the office of and America’s moral standing in the world. By electing Joe Biden in 2020, America chose a man to lead the country who knows the Constitution, actually attends church regularly, doesn’t threaten or demonize his opponents, and can feel and experience empathy. Trump is a fraud who will either be indicted, jailed, or further discredited by a yet unknown scandal; Biden is transparent, moral, lifelong public servant and is working to save lives and preserve our democracy.

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