President Joe Biden Is Fulfilling The Role Of Consoler-In-Chief With A Deep Level Of Empathy Never Once Exhibited By Donald Trump. Biden’s Personal Experience With Loss Has Given Him The Super Power Of Genuine Compassion In How He Comforts  The Families Of Black Men Killed In The Custody Of Law Enforcement And The Families Of Victims Of COVID. He Attempts To Ease People’s Suffering, While Trump Publicly Encouraged Police Aggression Towards Suspects And Incited His Supporters To Threaten Physical Harm To Members Of Congress.

President Biden shows undeniable sincerity in the tone and the words he uses when comforting people who are going through loss and other hardships. Elected Republican lawmakers avoid commenting on the heart and character that Biden brings to his presidency because they have aligned themselves with the “former guy’s” arrogance and disinterest in showing empathy for the struggles everyday Americans face.  He has shown no believable compassion to black Americans who have had a family member killed while being taken into police custody. He offered no policies to investigate the excessive use of force by the police while in office. Instead, he only showed concern for the morale of the police should they be investigated for murdering Americans who happened to be black.

More evidence of Trump’s callousness was shown in his handling of the pandemic. He pretended COVID wasn’t dangerous, lied about outrageous cures, kept promising it would soon disappear and never memorialized those who died or comforted the families who lost love ones. Example after example of situations exist which show Trump’s inability to console, care for and identify with people’s emotional pain. Mental health professionals as far back as 2017 wrote about their concern for the sociopathic, narcissistic tendencies exhibited by Trump.

When Joe Biden talks, his sensitivity, competence and compassion sound genuine. It is clear he is psychologically healthy. Biden doesn’t speak in conspiracy theories, bizarre, paranoid ideas or manipulative lies. He doesn’t exhibit impulsive/aggressive behaviors and is committed to uniting the country which Trump divided with his hate- based rhetoric.

Biden’s approval rating is higher than Trump’s numbers ever reached. It is speculated that achieving those positive poll numbers correlate with the public’s approval of his calm, steady temperment, his compassionate outreach to grieving families, and his sincere goal of helping heal the divide Trump sowed in the Congress and between American citizens.

Many Americans, including Trump supporters, suffered from “Trump fatigue” by the end of his presidency. His constant screaming, threatening, lying, and addictive need to be on television and Twitter was exhausting and was behavior beneath a U.S. president. Biden has a self-assured, calm demeanor which has been a welcome respite from Trump’s loud, crass, angry, divisive personality. The disparity between the men’s characters is immense. If one can set aside their party affiliation and policy positions, they would see Biden as the better person and better man to hold the esteemed office of President of the United States.

Trump’s highly restricted ability to express genuine empathy was one of the most disturbing aspects of him being the president. Anxiety across the country as high as millions of Americans found it impossible to feel secure and protected by a president who continued to under-emote about the pain and suffering of others. Although Trump and his allies show no interest in developing policies that help the poor, the disabled, marginalized minorities, or asylum seekers, America now has a president in Joe Biden who cares about alleviating the suffering of these demographic groups and creating equal opportunities for all Americans.

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