Yesterday, Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Was Found Guilty Of Murdering George Floyd. Fox’s # 1 Rated Racist Dog-Whistler Tucker Carlson Accused The Jury Of Finding Chauvin Guilty Because They Were Afraid Of Mob Retaliation. He Is A Danger To A Society That Is Simply Trying To Find Equality For All. The Guilty Verdict Gave Justice To Mr. Floyd And His Family, However, Their Loss And Grief Is Forever. The Verdict Sent A Message Of Accountability To Law Enforcement To Apply Lawful, Responsible Policing Practices Equally To Black Lives And To Citizens From All Other Marginalized Groups And Communities. The Donald Trump And Jeff Sessions Era Of Full Immunity For Any Behavior, No Matter How Illegal Or Excessive By Police Is Over.

Tucker Carlson and the rest of Fox’s anchors stand against bringing political parties, races, and cultures together. Psychologists suspect such dishonest, angry, intolerant people suffer from severe disorders of character. This negative perspective about Fox News is not about the traditional differences between conservatives and liberals. It is about the difference between facts vs. lies and working together for a united country vs. creating divisions rooted in racism. The jury and judge in the Chauvin trial should create a backlash towards Carlson and Fox for their latest attack on the foundational democratic process of a fair trial by peers.

The conviction of Derek Chauvin was right and fair based on the overwhelming evidence. The verdict is being touted as both justices for George Floyd and his family and a victory for policing in America. Three members of the Minnesota law enforcement community, which included the Minneapolis Police Chief, testified on behalf of the prosecution, providing evidence that the department rejected the deadly use of force tactics used by Chauvin. Police training professionals also testified that Chauvin’s behavior went against reasonable police practices and violated their oath to serve and protect. By testifying against Chauvin, these witnesses seized the opportunity to let the world know that most law enforcement officers do not condone what Chauvin did to George Floyd. However, the three other officers present at Floyd’s murder did nothing to stop the killing and tare rightfully facing trial in August for the role they played in the crime.

Despite Derek Chauvin’s obvious responsibility for the cold, arrogant killing of George Floyd, most people awaiting the verdict were anxious about the possibility of an acquittal. Despite having heard the prosecution’s medical expert witnesses prove that Mr. Floyd died by Chauvin’s knee being on his neck for 9:29 minutes, causing oxygen deprivation and cardio/ pulmonary arrest, millions still held their breath, fearing a cold-blooded murder by a cop could be seen as acceptable. The conviction is the first step in federal law enforcement reform for racial equality in policing. The verdict coming back guilty on all three charges proves the systemic racism that exists in law enforcement is no longer going to be tolerated. As the Floyd family contends, this conviction of Chauvin is just the beginning of the ongoing fight against the use of excessive force used by police when apprehending black suspects. The George Floyd Justice In Policing Act is crucial legislation that aims to bring about suggested reforms into law. Several of the critical components of the act are:

  • Bans choke-holds
  • Bans no-knock warrants
  • Requires deadly force be used ONLY as a last resort. De-escalation techniques must be used first
  • Prohibits racial, religious, and discriminatory profiling
  • Requires training for all law enforcement in racial, religious, and discriminatory profiling
  • Prohibits the transfer of any military-grade weapons to law enforcement
  • Requires all state and federal law enforcement to wear body cameras and to have cameras on the dashboard of their vehicles
  • Amends the federal criminal statute to make it easier to prosecute police who have engaged in reckless misconduct
  • Allows the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and state attorneys general to conduct investigations into police misconduct.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered an investigation into the police practices of the Minneapolis Department. With William Barr no longer in charge of the DOJ, the business of securing justice for all Americans is resuming. Barr was busy providing full-time cover for Trump’s abuse of the Constitution and protecting the ” former guy’s” criminal friends. Barr has been silent since Trump legitimately lost re-election. He is probably hoping Garland doesn’t get around to prosecuting him for any illegal act he may have committed to protecting his autocratic hero.

Attorney-General Garland’s expeditious initiation of this investigation gives hope that the Department of Justice is committed to improving police practices. In addition to better training regarding the use of force, helping officers better manage their emotional and behavioral reactions while navigating encounters with community members is a vital goal for police and citizen safety. Hopefully, widespread reform will be the result of police department investigations across the country. More Black lives will be saved, and police officer incarceration will avoid becoming the norm.

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