Dear Mitch McConnell; I Don’t Like You. I Don’t Like How You Think, Feel, Or Behave. I See You As A Hypocritical, Power- Grabbing, Cold, Danger To Democracy. You Seem Particularly Pathetic As Trump Publicly Calls You A ” Stone-Cold Loser” And A “Dumb Son-Of- Bitch,” While You Stay Silent, Sucking It Up In The Name Of Counting Up Votes For The Next Election.” If You Want To Save The Party From Trump And Qanon, Organize Your Members To Fight For It. Stop Putting Winning Ahead Of Democracy. Plus, The Wimp Factor As You Cower From Trump Is Humiliating To Your Already Questionable Legacy.

McConnell is truly a political disgrace. He has deluded himself into believing his legacy of judiciary appointees is enough to overcome his unethical practices of running the Senate. For four years, in the name of appointing conservative judges to the courts, he has helped enable Trump to violate the Constitution and lower morality and civility in the Senate by abdicating his leadership role and staying silent. Additionally, he has instructed his caucus not to oppose Trump’s emotionally unstable assault on our government.

McConnell is not a beloved political figure. In national polls, he is usually voted one of the most unpopular Senators in the country. His poll numbers in Kentucky are low, and the state scores poorly in all areas that measure how a state is functioning. Kentucky might be the only state that would keep electing him out of nostalgia.

McConnell finally took a stand against Trump on the fraudulent claim that the election was stolen. He also publicly declared Trump was responsible for inciting the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol bldg. So why do none of these actions redeem McConnell’s character? Just because he could not join the conspiracy theory of a stolen election and couldn’t support the autocratic, illegal overturning of a free and fair election doesn’t mean he cares about those issues. A political animal that he is, he probably calculated that opposing the “gone too far” insanity of Trump would win him points with members of Congress and conservative voters, but he was wrong. Trump has continued to garner the support of the Republican party, leaving the minority leader’s hold on the party weakened and his public image humiliated.

So, what should McConnell do as Trump continues to claim the election was stolen and attacks him publicly. In his RNC speech Saturday, Trump went off script calling McConnell profane and degrading names. He publicly displayed his psychological disturbances of narcissism, shame-based ego functioning, pathological lying, and aggressive, impulse control issues. He cursed, lied, and threatened opponents sounding presidential and unhinged. He sounded like one of the numerous fallen dictators in history who flamed out screaming insane declarations of their ultimate power. If McConnell has an ounce of manhood left, he would raise a concern about Trump’s lying, aggression, and the many lawsuits he faces for tax and financial fraud, election interference, and the Capitol insurrection.

Many Republican members in the military, the FBI, and CIA who have opposed Trump throughout his presidency need to pressure McConnell to organize a movement to diminish his hold on the party. The fringe crazies that support Trump are outnumbered by the traditional GOP conservatives in Congress, however, their bombastic support of him dwarfs the opposition movement’s message. Mitch McConnell is technically still the leader of the Republican party. The party has been taken over by an unstable autocrat and it’s McConnell’s patriotic duty to defend the integrity of the Senate and to help preserve democracy. His opportunism is winning out over performing his constitutional duties. Republican Senators who want Trump and his surrogates gone need to consider doing the job Mitch McConnell won’t do or Trump will continue to poison the GOP and their standing in America and the world.

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