Two Capitol Policemen Are Suing Donald Trump For The Injuries They Suffered At The January 6th Violent Attack At The Capitol Building. The Fake “Law And Order President” Incited Violent, Insurrection Rioters To Break Into The Capitol Building To Illegally Stop The Democratic Process Of Certifying A Presidential Election. The Lawsuit Claims Trump’s “Stop The Steal” Lie Incited The Violent MAGA Rioters To Violently Attack Capitol Police, Causing Loss Of Life To Three Officers And Threats To The Lives Of Members Of Congress And Vice- President Mike Pence. The Lawsuits Keep Coming At Trump And With The Loss Of Protection Of The Presidency, His Day In Court Is Coming Soon.

As Donald Trump incited and directed his MAGA mob to the Capitol Building to do whatever it took to ” stop the steal”, the Capitol Police became the target of their violence. When the insurgents arrived at the Capitol, they were manic with anger instilled in them by the words of their leader, Trump, the man who sent them there to stop the counting of the electoral college votes. In other words, for the first time in modern history, a U.S. president directed a mob of Americans to halt the process of democracy by trying to stop the certification of a presidential election. Trump has gaslighted his supporters, touting himself as a great patriot and lover of the flag and the Constitution, while refusing to accept the results of a 50 state, confirmed win for Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

Trump’s “stop the steal” election fraud lie which rallied the rioters, is named in the civil suit filed by Capitol Policemen James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby as the cause of their emotional and physical injuries at the Capitol. A total of 140 D.C and Capitol policemen were injured by the insurrectionists and several days after the attack, two officers that were on duty committed suicide. Additionally, Officer Bryan Sicknick died a day after he was attacked with bear spray at the riot. His death is under investigation by the FBI and D.C. police. Trump has shown no outrage about the brutal attacks on police officers caught on video that horrific day. Law enforcement can now be added to the list of the infamous, self-serving victims of Trump’s disloyal betrayals.

In a March 31st article, The Washington Post reported that “the officers are each seeking $75,000 in compensatory damages and an undisclosed amount in punitive damages by Trump.” Officer Blassingame is a former marine and 17 year veteran of the Capitol police. Officer Hemby is an 11-year member of the force. Months after they were attacked by Trump’s MAGA rioters, each officer reports they are still suffering emotionally and physically from their injuries.

The lawsuit claims, ” the insurrectionist mob, inflamed, encouraged, incited, directed, aided and abetted, forced its way over and past the plaintiffs and their fellow officers, pursuing them and attacking them inside and outside the United States Capitol and causing their injuries,” the suit says. It is speculated more lawsuits will follow by Capitol police who were traumatized and injured at the Trump-inspired, Republican-backed insurrection.

During the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020, Trump sent in the military to protect buildings, while ignoring the issue of racial injustice in policing which the demonstrations were about. Related to the insurrection, not only did he not attempt to stop the attack on the Capitol while it was happening, but he also continued to incite the crowd by perpetuating the election fraud lie and by refusing to demand his supporters stop the violent invasion.

It is also speculated by members of the media and many legal experts that lawsuits against Trump by family members of people who died from COVID will eventually be filed. He admitted on tape in an interview with journalist Bob Woodward that he knew the coronavirus was deadly but chose to not tell Americans the truth because he did not “want to panic them.” Trump withholding the scientific facts about the virus and rejecting mask-wearing, caused many Americans to become unprotected, suspecting victims of COVID and an epic liar for a president.

Death and injuries from Trump’s entrance onto the political scene increase every day. The ruining of reputations and careers also continues in the wake of his devastating political rampage of corruption on our democracy. Despite the lingering damage of his presidency, let’s rejoice in his 8 million votes, electoral college trouncing in the most fraud-free election in recent history. Las Vegas is probably setting odds on which of his crimes will yield the first indictment.

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