Since Losing Re-election And Being Banned From Twitter, The Reduction Of Exposure To Trump Has Lowered The Anxiety And Anger Level Across The Country. However, He Is Planning A Return On His Own Social Media Platform, And Is Continuing The Tired, Desperate, Disproven Lie That He Won The Election. He Continues To Prove He Suffers From Severe Narcissism And The Cognitive Deficits Associated With Believing In Conspiracy Theories.

Narcissists are selfish, self-involved, desperate for attention, seek excessive admiration, lack empathy and suffer from grandiose/ distorted thinking. Trump is believed to be afflicted with narcissism and this explains many of his reckless, dishonest, aggressive behaviors towards anyone he views as a threat to his power.

Sixty-three courts across the country, the majority led by Republican judges and state governments, determined none of Trump’s claims of voter fraud were valid. Even the Supreme Court rejected a claim of rampant voter fraud in Pennsylvania. Another person in Trump’s situation, who did not suffer from psychological issues, would have abandoned the desperate strategy of claiming election victory when it was clear that he lost. Every state where he claimed voter fraud conducted recounts and all results re-established the legitimacy of his loss. His strategy is unintelligent, transparent, and destined to continue to make him look disturbed and corrupt. The ” stop the steal” movement got people 5 killed at the Jan 6th insurrection and secured Trump’s place in history as an enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

The continuation of promoting the lie that he won the election when he lost, reveals a pathological level of shame and narcissism never before exhibited by a U.S. president. His cheesy- style of charisma appeals to millions of Americans, and many not all, have decided to believe everything he says. Other supporters may feel sorry for him because millions of people throughout the world either hate him, reject him, or ridicule him. Unlike other presidents who have lost re-election, Trump cannot continue to function without getting constant attention, retaining power, and being protected legally by being the president. In his post-presidency, he continues to show signs of being cognitively and emotionally deficient. Statements in the past where he has proclaimed knowing more than scientists, generals, experienced legislators strongly suggested distorted grandiosity or delusional thinking. Those who are captured by his bizarre uniqueness compared to the career politicians may find these statements funny or true, however, the reality is they pose a danger to all facets of a functioning democracy.

In particular, his belief that he won the election is the most concerning over all the other odd beliefs. He lost the election based on the votes from the electoral and popular vote, recounts by states that he claimed voter fraud, and by rulings from judges from both parties, and the Supreme Court. If this is a delusion that he believes, he is pathologically disordered. If he knows he lost, but is so excessively shame-based and narcissistic that he is consciously lying to cope psychologically, he is severely emotionally disordered. This particular lie has incited violence by his supporters to attack the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the election, perpetuated the spread of conspiracy theories and disinformation, and emboldened white supremacist groups to surface and spread hate and violence against our government and any person who is not white and Christian.

President Biden inherited the mess that Trump left America in. He took office without the former president sharing information and giving support to help with the peaceful, successful transition of power. Additionally, Trump has accused Biden win of being based on voter fraud which has encouraged resistance and aggression by millions of Americans towards Biden and his Administration.

Countless organized Republican political groups, Republican former military generals and admirals, and Republican members of the FBI and CIA refer to Trump as unqualified and a dangerous threat to national security. Thousands of psychologists and psychiatrists have been warning that he behaves and speaks like a person with severe pathology. The majority of Trump’s friends and associates are shady, criminal, or unethical individuals. The vast criticisms of him are world-wide and are based on his words and behaviors.

He lies that it’s Democrats and ” Republicans in name only” spreading false rhetoric about him that causes him to be reviled by so many. The truth is, those who despise him, from both parties, are people who want the American democracy to survive and for the country to return to moral, competent, patriotic leadership.

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