At His Upcoming Speech This Coming Weekend At CPAC, Trump Plans To Reaffirm The Lie That The Election Was Rigged And Stolen And To Tout His White Supremacist Supporters As Patriots. The Republican Party Has Allowed Itself To Be Hijacked By A Man Known Throughout The World As The Worst, Most Embarrassing President In U.S. History. His Legacy Includes A Reputation As A White Supremacist, Conspiracy Theorist, Corrupt, Vindictive Autocrat Who Was Impeached Twice, Was A One-Term President, And Lost Both Houses Of Congress. Why Republicans Gave The Party Away To A Cheesy Reality TV Star, Failed Businessman, Adulterous White Collar Criminal Is Baffling!

Despite the reality that a growing number of registered Republicans are leaving the party, the loudest, craziest voices of the GOP are standing behind Trump and the racist, autocratic leanings of the MAGA movement. Since his legitimate, humiliating landslide loss for re-election, Trump has kept a low profile. It is reported he has been advised by his attorneys to stay quiet while the controversy about his role in the January 6th insurrection dies down. Continuing the conspiracy theory that he won the election confirms he either suffers from narcissistic-driven delusions or a malignant level of corruption.

Trump’s ban from Twitter and Facebook has been a blessing to millions of people who are disgusted by the sight of him and concerned about his pathological lying which incited the insurrectionists to want to kill members of Congress and invade the Capitol building to block the certification of the electoral college vote for the legitimate presidential election results. However, he is making a return to the political arena at CPAC on Sunday to re-establish his control of the Republican party. The level of fealty shown to Trump today at the conservative gathering was an embarrassment that will haunt the careers of those who participated. They wheeled in a statue of Trump with a gold head and dressed in red, white, and blue shorts. The spectacle mirrored a scene common at an extremist religious gathering or a cult event.

The Freedom Caucus wing of the GOP has become the controlling ideology of the party. Trump, the fakest Republican of all time, abandoned being a Democrat because that lane of politics would have never led him to the White House. The biggest fake news and con of the century is that he is a true conservative. Historically the ideology of the Republican Party was for limited government, states rights, individual liberty, fiscal conservativism, and religious/moral values. Many traditional conservatives like Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska have said of Trump, ” he spends like a drunken sailor.” In countless ways, Trump and elected Republicans have governed hypocritically and in opposition to fundamental conservatism. Examples that expose Trump as fraud are;

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY: Trump’s position on the Black Lives Matter protests, NOT SO GOOD. His view of the Capitol insurrection, GREAT PATRIOTS EXERCISING THEIR RIGHTS. For Trump, Gun owners should have no restrictions based on the second amendment, but authors wanting to write books he opposes should be denied their First Amendment rights.

FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE: Trump ignored conservatism’s ideas of no tariffs, a free-market of labor based on healthy immigration policy, and a balanced budget. His tax cuts for the rich exploded the deficit. In his words, ” I am the king of debt.”

RELIGIOUS/MORAL VALUES: Traditional Republican ideals include; pro-marriage, fidelity, religious observance, church-going. Trump married 3 times, cheated on every wife, has a preference for porn stars and Playboy bunnies, and prefers golfing over the church on Sundays.

STATES RIGHTS: Trump intruded on the independence of states’ rights whenever he disagreed with their decisions. For example; he opposed the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Oregon, so he tried to send the military to intervene. He also made numerous attempts to interfere in election operations in states where he lost, like Pennsylvania and Georgia.

LIMITED GOVERNMENT: Trump is considered to govern as a big-spending nationalist by many career Republicans. He signed more executive orders than Presidents Obama and George W. Bush. He showed no respect for governors, often interfering in state governments whenever it suited his agenda. In his own words, he said, ” When someone is the president, the authority is total, and that’s the way it has to be. The governors know that.”

Trump conned the Tea Party into believing he was a conservative Republican. He earned their support by being their puppet. He was able to morph into that role because the only ideology he cares about is self-aggrandizement. They lie about being a conservative was his only pathway to the presidency so he adopted their anti-immigrant, racist, “white fear” agenda to gain the support of the evangelical, uneducated white, rural base who would be gullible enough to believe Donald Trump was intellectually and mentally competent to lead and protect American democracy. Educated, non-conspiracy theorist Republicans held their noses and voted for Trump because they hate Democrats.

The hype about the impact of his upcoming CPAC speech on Republican politics may soon be squelched as his taxes and financial dealings are finally in the hands of New York prosecutors. MAGA enthusiasts better hold off on purchasing Trump 2024 hats.

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