Three Happenings Took Place Today In The USA To Remind Us Of How Corrupt, Lacking In Compassion And Dangerous To Democracy Donald Trump Was As President. #1 President Joe Biden Held A National Memorial Service For The 500,000 Lives Lost To COVID-19. #2 Merrick Garland’s Confirmation Hearing Showed The Department of Justice’s Era Of Corruption Under Trump Has Ended. #3 The Supreme Court Ruled tv That New York Prosecutor Cyrus Vance Can Obtain 8 Years Of Trump’s Taxes And Financial Records. Trump No Longer Can Use The Presidency To Protect Him From Getting Away With Violating U.S. Laws.

During his confirmation hearing today, Biden’s pick to be the next Attorney General, Merrick Garland, announced, ” my job as attorney general will be to be the attorney for the American people, not the president.” On the contrary during his anti-rule of law reign as president, Trump declared, ” I can do anything I want with the Department of Justice.” It turned out with his corrupt AG William Barr in charge of The DOJ, he was able to defy participation in the co-equal branches of the government system. Barr intervened in every case or investigation into Trump or any of his cronies which violates the job description as stated in the Constitution. Listening to Merrick Garland today exposes what many Americans have known; William Barr violated his oath of office as Attorney General, and questions persist as to whether charges could be brought against him.

Because of the protection of the presidency, judgment day has been delayed for four years for Donald Trump. However, today’s ruling by the Supreme Court allowing for his taxes and financials to be obtained by New York prosecutors signals an end to his law-breaking crime spree. Despite the former president’s acumen for corrupting those he employs and befriends, today he once again learned his Supreme Court picks are not corruptable. A grand jury will now have access to documentation that could result in federal charges for bank fraud, tax evasion, and campaign finance violations. Additionally, civil suits are moving through the courts by women charging him with defamation related to affairs and alleged rape.

Although Trump, his kids, and supporters refer to these legal problems as a witch hunt, the evidence is mounting that the con Trump has pulled off on millions of Americans is about to fall apart. Without the presidency to hide behind, and corrupt cronies in positions of power to protect him, Trump is a private citizen about to face potential criminal charges that could bankrupt him or send him to jail. Currently, he is focusing on seeking re-election in 2024 and getting revenge on those who voted to impeach and remove him from the office instead of preparing to defend himself in the NYC investigations against him. The abnormal reactions he has to his legal vulnerabilities are further indications he suffers from serious psychological disorders of personality and character. His ego is so weak, it cannot withstand the experience of being rejected or disagreed with, and revenge is the coping mechanism he relies on to manage his shame.

Possibly the most memorable occurrence today was the memorial service for the 500,000 Americans who have lost their lives to COVID-19 hosted by President Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. Biden’s authentic compassion, faith, and full embrace of his role as comforter-in-chief. The President stood in front of the country and genuinely grieved with the family and friends of COVID victims. There is no possibility that such a service would have occurred if Donald Trump was still president. After all, he promoted the idea that his enemies inflated the death count by claiming deaths from other illnesses were being falsely attributed to COVID-19 deaths. His dismissive attitude towards protective measures such as mask-wearing and social distancing is an afront to those who have lost a loved one to the disease.

Today in America was a day that highlighted how fortunate the country is to have ousted Trump and his inadequate, corrupt administration from of power.

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