President Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Rose To 62% This Week, A Rating Level Trump Never Got Close To. Every Appearance Biden Makes And With Every Policy He Announces, His Character, Compassion, And Competence Stands Out In Stark Contrast To The Inferior Former President. In His Speech At The Munich Security Counsel This Week, The President Proudly Announced “America Is Back”, A Signal To World Leaders That The Isolationist Policy Of Trump’s “America First” Is History, Just Like The Trump Presidency.

President Biden made it clear in tone and content that with his administration, America is rejoining the world’s democracies to address climate change, the global economy, humanitarian causes, military alliances, and pandemic control. Listening to Biden reassured the world of nations that America once again has a president who reflects our values and integrity as a nation.

Biden’s character is reflected in his demonstration of honesty, transparency, and compassion. In a town hall meeting this week, Biden skillfully soothed a little girl who was expressing fear of catching COVID. He also compassionately offered to speak to a woman after the town hall who was having difficulty obtaining a vaccination for her 19-year-old with COPD. Because of the corrupt lying and spreading of disinformation by Trump and his administration, Biden is sharing excessive amounts of information on his approach to managing COVID, especially related to both the vaccination process and his 1.9 trillion dollar relief plan to assist individuals, small businesses, cities and states in their recovery from the devastating effect of the pandemic.

During his campaign, Biden promised he would fight for aggressive measures to be taken to ease the COVID-related suffering of Americans. His commitment to keeping his promises is unquestionable as he has made attempts to get Republicans to support his relief program, but defiantly expresses he will get it done, even if he has to it solely with Democratic support. Biden has also been honest with Americans about the process of when America will return to normal. Despite Dr. Fauci’s destination of a summer deadline for a return to normalcy, Biden told Americans this week it may not be until Christmas that life gets back to normal. Unlike Trump who, for political reasons, lied to the country about the deadly nature of the disease, promising it will “disappear by Easter” and was “just like the flu.”

Biden puts character ahead of political ambition, while Trump operates without integrity, morals, and in service to his self-interest. The President has promised to make efforts to unite Washington DC, so he has met with Republicans to discuss his relief bill. He has promised to try to unite the divisions that Trump has encouraged and continues to say he will be the president for all Americans, even those who didn’t vote for him. At his town hall this week, the President said, “listen for four years, all that’s been in the news is Trump. For the next four years, I want to make sure all that’s in the news is the American people. I’m tired of talking about Trump. It’s done.” Biden will not use the presidency as Trump did, for ego gratification. He doesn’t need to lie and be covered by the media 24/7 because he is confident and competent.

At the virtual Munich Security Counsel meeting President Charles Michel, announced, “Welcome back, America”, a sentiment consistent with the mood of the conference. Biden did not mention Trump’s name once, however, his tone and message to our allies eluded to the damage created by the autocratic, arrogant, dismissiveness of Trump. German Chancellor Angela Merkel echoed approval of Biden and working with his worldview. She said, “His speech just now, but also his administration’s first announcements, convinced us this is not just talking, it’s action.” Alternatively, Trump used these international events to wield the power of the U.S. Presidency to bully and belittle our allies, and ultimately humiliate America.

Biden acknowledged the need for our allies to join America in addressing the complex economic and national security issues involving Iran, Russia, and China as well as resolving containment, vaccination, and treatment of COVID-19. America is BACK, and President Biden’s program of BUILD BACK BETTER will place the tired, racist MAGA movement in the trash where it belongs. When Trump supporters receive their stimulus checks and see the government helping their city’s small businesses recover, they will realize how little Trump cared about the suffering and needs of the average American.

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