Trump Replaced? His Reign As The Boss Of The Republican Party May Soon Be Over. A Younger, Better- looking, Smarter, More Qualified, Psychologically Normal, Military Veteran And House Representative Adam Kinzinger Of Illinois Is Organizing A Movement To End Trump’s Damaging Hold On The GOP. Kinzinger Voted To Impeach Trump And Has Formed A SuperPac, “Country First”, Which Opposes The Lies, Disinformation, And Conspiracy Theories Of The Trump Wing Of The Republican Party.

Reposting of the original post with updates on Rep. Adam Kinzinger. He is the only male congressman strong, willing, and patriotic enough to stand up to Trump, tell the truth about the ” big lie”, and alert the country to Trump’s attempt to destroy democracy. He also was brave enough to vote to impeach him last year. He almost laughs at how cowering his colleagues are to the clownish Trump who he has recently referred to as a “snowflake with low self-esteem.”

Kinzinger has stated that risking his re-election to the House is worth it to defend our democracy. He recently sounded the alarm about the “incited-by-Trump hunger” many MAGA supporters have for accomplishing a successful insurrection against the United States.

It remains puzzling how so many Americans choose to believe a reality TV personality, former NYC Studio 54 regular, serial bankrupt businessman, trust-funded billionaire, adultery, and lying conspiracy theorist over scientists, career government professionals, judges, attorneys, and military generals. This is the definition of a cult.

Original post from Feb. 5th, 2021

Adam Kinzinger was in the Capitol Bldg. on the day of the insurrection. In a January 8 article, The Chicago Sun-Times quoted Kinzinger as calling the attack on the Capitol, a “coup attempt” and referred to Trump as ” a weak, self-absorbed man who was attempting to overthrow the will of the people.” “He is no longer the leader of our party,” Kinzinger said, “and our party must reject these treasonist acts.”

The Illinois representative has harshly criticized his colleagues for voting against certifying the election. He has been bold in his opposition and criticism of Trump’s lying, conspiracy theories, and actions against American democratic norms. The “Country First” Pac staunchly rejects the narrative presented by Donald Trump Jr. on Jan. 6th, which declared, ” This is not their party anymore ( referring to the Republican establishment). This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party.” Kinzinger rejects the current trend in his party to put loyalty to a person over loyalty to the country.

Rep. Kinzinger is a real conservative. Donald Trump is a faux conservative, supporting policies that are self-serving and lacking in ideological consistency. Why would the Republican party embrace a flawed, immoral, corrupt, crass, incompetent candidate when they have an alternative like Adam Kinzinger to represent conservatism? Has the party elected so many people from the far-right that being the party of Lincoln is now replaced with being the party of conspiracy theories, QAnon, anti-Semitism, and autocracy? Kinzinger’s patriotism, integrity, and competence make the Republican’s fealty to Trump seem traitorous.

The House Republican’s support of Marjorie Taylor Greene in today’s House vote brands them as the fringe party of wacky conspiracy theorists, violent insurgents, anti-Semites, and racists. In contrast to the Republicans, Democrats will eject their members out of the office for social media sexual dalliances, while the GOP retains members who support threats to have congressional colleagues murdered. Rep. Kinzinger was vocal in his rejection of the direction Taylor Greene is taking the party.

Kinzinger’s resume makes the GOP anointing of Donald Trump look ridiculous and corrupt. He served in the Air Force during the Iraq War. He participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He voted 92% of the time in support of Trump’s policies while rejecting his corruption and character flaws. Although this blog is not aligned with Kinzinger’s conservative politics, his positive demeanor, defense of the Constitution, and moral character make him a Republican that Democrats could politically disagree with, and yet respect. Some Republicans admit they don’t like Trump’s racist rhetoric, crudeness, and vindictiveness, but support his ultra-conservative agenda. That argument in support of Trump is weak because the GOP is filled with conservatives who would support the same policy positions as Trump but would embody moral values, decorum, and adherence to the Constitution. Rep. Kinzinger could effortlessly lead the Republican party, return it to its conservative roots, and restore morality and compassion to how it governs.

“Country First” is a movement that Republicans who reject Trump’s autocratic, conspiracy tthe theory, the corrupt vision of America should support. Rep. Kinzinger represents the values and political agendas of the traditional Republican party. Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Matt Goetz, Ted Cruz, and most recently Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are far-right, valueless extremists who have hijacked the Republican party in support of conspiracy theories, a government that normalizes lying to gain power, and a dangerous form of partisanship. Adam Kinzinger should be applauded for his integrity, courage, and patriotism shown by his public opposition to Trump and calling for a return to a two-party system where debate, disagreement, compromise, and a commitment to the Constitution is once again the norm in American government.

Republican senators will probably acquit Former President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial. An acquittal will embolden him to continue the corrupt assault on our democracy and the transformation of the Republican party into a political fringe group of domestic terrorists. Patriotic conservatives should join Rep. Adam Kinzinger and his SuperPacCountry First” and take their party back, restore the credibility of the two-party system and make America moral again.

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