President Joe Biden’s Job Performance So Far Is Showing Up Donald Trump’s Presidency To Be The Reckless Disaster That It Was. Biden’s Cabinet Appointments Are Stellar Professionals, While Trump’s Choices Were Unqualified Cronies, Corrupt Billionaires, And Far-Right Partisans. Biden Puts In A Full Day’s Work, While Trump Watched TV, Tweeted, Golfed, And Held Self-Serving Rallies. Biden’s Executive Orders Address The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact On The American People While Trump Accused Scientists And The Media Of Exaggerating The Realities Of The Pandemic. While Trump Demonized Democrats, Biden Is Making Bipartisanship And Unity Major Goals of His Administration. This Is Why America Told Trump, ” You’re Fired.”

President Biden is thankfully working rapidly to erase any trace of Donald Trump’s tenure as president. The focus of the executive orders presents a snapshot of Trump’s racism, incompetence, and greed. Many Republicans have rejected Trump’s unpresidential behaviors, yet have supported his policies that ignore the needs of the middle class, the poor, the disabled, minorities, the planet, and Constitutional norms. Biden’s intention to “restore the soul of America” requires that he reverse any Trump policy that diminishes the values inscribed on the Statue of Liberty and written into the Constitution. The themes of executive orders Biden has written after only 11 days in office indicates how far Trump strayed from the vision of America held by Lincoln and the Founding Fathers.


  • Rejoining Paris Climate Agreement
  • Focus on racial equity
  • End the Muslim ban
  • The mandate for mask-wearing at federal property
  • Government-wide response to COVID-19
  • Revising immigration enforcement policies
  • Banning discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Modernize and review regulatory practices
  • Proclamation pulling funds from the border wall
  • Pausing federal student loan payments
  • Reaffirmed DACA
  • Expanding access to COVID-19 treatments
  • Promoted data-driven response to COVID-19
  • Approved states use of National Guard to COVID-19
  • Established COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force
  • Ordering and supporting the re-opening and continuing operation of schools
  • Reverse ban on transgenders in the military
  • Food assistance programs
  • Assisting veterans with debt
  • Order facilitating the delivery of stimulus payments
  • Promoting the “Buy American” agenda
  • Reinforcing Medicaid and The Affordable Care Act
  • Expanding access to reproductive healthcare

Biden’s orders embody several themes that were pervasively missing in Trump’s executive orders and policies. The most obvious is his commitment to fighting COVID-19 and providing financial relief to millions of Americans. Trump lied about the severity of the virus justifying his refusal to prioritize efforts to mitigate the spread. Another theme in the orders is racial, gender, and financial equity. Many of Trump’s orders reduced the rights of women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community. His agenda favored the rich and opposed addressing the rights and needs of the disadvantaged. Biden is about compassion, unity, and protecting, not violating the Constitution.

Biden is keeping his campaign promise to pursue attempts at bipartisan governing. Yesterday he invited 10 Republican Senators to meet with him in the OvalOfficee to discuss his COVID relief package. Additionally, he is keeping his promise to reverse the disinformation and non-transparency practices of the Trump Administration. He has reinstated the White House daily briefings with members of the press and is keeping the public informed daily about COVID-19 related statistics, treatments, and vaccinations. The Biden Administration is not comprised of corrupt billionaires lacking experience in the jobs in which they were appointed.

Lying will not be a part of Biden’s treatment of the American people. Corruption will not be allowed by a Biden Cabinet member or anyone in his administration. President Biden will not be attacking the press, interfering in election practices, or asking Attorney Generals to interfere in cases where he is involved. Trump governed as if he was above the law, which thus far he has been because of an outdated DOJ policy that says a sitting president cannot be prosecuted.

Despite a probable acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial, Trump’s corrupt, vindictive, and power-hungry ways will be exposed in expert detail by the House Impeachment Managers. The world will be reminded at the trial that the former President is a scam artist and a crook, while the current President is decent, honest, compassionate, and intelligent. America survived Donald Trump and now we can heal and thrive.

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