Donald Trump’s Exit Behaviors From Office Proves His Macho Persona Was The Biggest Fraud Of All. There Was No Election Fraud, No Fake News ( Except The Propaganda He Spread), And No Fraudulent Russia Investigation. He Is The Fraud. He Is Hiding, Like A Sissy, Pretending He Won The Election Because His Non-Macho Ego Can’t Accept Losing. He Told The White Supremacist Militia He Would Join Them In The March To The Capitol To Stop Certification of The Electoral College Vote, But Instead, He Cowered Back To The White House. He Is The Poster Child For The Pseudo-Macho Man Who Feels Small And Scared Inside.

CNN and other news outlets have been showing the tape from 2016 of Obama meeting with Trump at the White House two months before the transfer of power. Obama extended his hand to Trump promising to do whatever he could to help prepare Trump to take office. Since Biden became the President-elect, Trump has yet to admit Biden won, has not spoken his name, invited him and his wife Jill for a luncheon at the White House, or directly briefed him on crucial matters. He is the first president in 150 years not to attend the inauguration of his successor. His behavior looks weak, delusional, and beneath the office he holds. His actions are rude, divisive and serve to encourage his supporters and right-wing fringe militias to act aggressively and with disrespect to others in the name of supporting him. He has incorporated these negative behaviors into his erroneous version of what a healthy strong man is.

Trump’s pervasive lies and promotion of conspiracy theories are also symptoms of his pseudo-machoism. He has lied about his wealth, and accomplishments and invents lies about his opponents, especially those he feels are superior to him. He operates from shame and has relied on being a loud, aggressive, and a bully to convince other pseudo-macho men, such as members of white supremacist groups and fringe militias, that he is a macho man to emulate. In his taped exit-from-office speech today, he announced, ” the movement we started has just begun.” The truth is, he lost the election ( by A LOT), lost the House, and lost the Senate. However, in his attempt to maintain his false macho image, he calls a movement that was rejected by the majority of Americans, as just beginning.”

In contrast to Trump’s attempts at hyper-masculinity, Joe Biden is secure about his competence, is straightforward and honest, compassionate, and is a unifier, not a divider. He can publicly show emotions related to grief and empathy. He is respectful to women and those he has disagreements with. His self-esteem is c intact so he doesn’t need to denigrate others to elevate a seriously weak, damaged ego. The self-aggrandizing statements Trump has constantly subjected Americans to endure for the past four years are OVER. The bragging about his money, his golf game, his perceived accomplishments, his popularity has been an embarrassment to himself and the United States.

Real manliness is not what Donald Trump exudes. A real man is confident. He is respectful and assertive not aggressive. He does not need to bully to cover up his insecurities. He knows who he is and accepts himself, flaws and all. He doesn’t need to brag about himself to get attention or put others down to elevate his self-perception. Joe Biden exhibits all of the signs of an intact, healthy ego, the ability to empathize, and a strong commitment to his convictions. As the Trump presidency ends, we see Trump at his worst and weakest. He knows he lost the election and yet to keep his supporter’s adoration and loyalty, he is lying to them about the election being stolen from him. His weak self-esteem disables him from being able to congratulate Joe Biden and help him be successful. The reality may be the hopes Biden fails. The wish may explain why instead of being helpful, he has made every effort to sabotage getting COVID under control and has fueled an anti-democracy movement to challenge Biden’s first days in office.

With Joe Biden as a model, men will be reminded of what a real, positive strong man is, and recognize Trump’s brand of macho is weak and repulsive. Bye Trump, bye Trumpism movement, bye violent discourse, and bye-bye to the entire Trump clan of greedy elites. The Biden/ Harris administration will Make America Proud Again!

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