Joe Biden Is On The Job! He Has Presented His Covid Relief Plan Which Includes An Additional $1,400 Check Per Person, Funds To Struggling Small Businesses And A Comprehensive Vaccine Distribution Program. Biden Is Not A Circus-Barking, Attention Junkie Like Trump, Who Has Stopped Working And Is Spending Time Yelling At Staff, Ruminating About His Trashed Reputation, And Maintaining The Lie That He Won The Election. Joe Has Been A Patriotic Public Servant His Entire Career, While Trump Leaves Office As Sore Loser, Betrayer Of Democracy, And A Delusional Conspiracy Theorist. America’s Recovery Begins On January 20th.

Donald Trump leaves office pretending he won the election because he cannot cope with the experience of being a loser. He is so pathologically insecure and fearful of being labeled a loser, he was forecasting fraud before the election by saying “the only way I can lose is if the election is rigged.” The extent to which he lies exposes how mentally compromised he is. Without being able to vent his lies and vengeance on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Parlour he is reportedly isolated, agitated, and in denial. As the mass exodus of staff and Cabinet members increases, Trump’s remaining confidantes have sunk to the level of a conspiracy theorist and criminal Steve Bannon and The ‘My Pillow’ wacko Mike Lindell. Never has a soon-to-be-former president had his inner circle of advisors consist of such opportunist, societal misfits.

In his first few days as president, Biden plans to enact COVID and economic policies that will help all Americans. However, those who reject Joe as the legitimate president and want to be consistent in their loyalty to Trump should return the stimulus checks he plans to put in their bank accounts. In fact, why don’t they wage a real resistance movement and forego any benefits that result from Biden’s policies? Under Trump, over 395,000 people died of a pandemic that he ignored and botched, 5 died at an insurrection that he incited, and millions are suffering financial devastation. Those who continue to believe Trump won the election and plan to disrespect the peaceful transition of power do not deserve to reap the benefits of a president who is decent, patriotic, and competent. However, I suppose they will gorge on the recovery efforts of Biden and delusionally give Trump the credit. However, at a 29% approval record, Trump’s obvious failure and unfitness to be president is infiltrating the non-racist, educated segment of his base.

A sampling of Joe Biden’s 100 day includes:

  • Implement a COVID relief package for individuals and businesses, support a 100-day national mask-wearing policy, expand the vaccine distribution program.
  • Re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization
  • Reversing the racist Muslim ban
  • Halting construction on the border wall
  • Reversing Trump’s corporate tax cuts, increasing the percentage to 28% from 21%
  • Establishing a pathway to citizenship for the DACA kids
  • Establishing more humane treatment for asylum seekers
  • Create a committee to be responsible for reuniting immigrant families separated at the border
  • Support legislation to decrease greenhouse gases and hydrofluorocarbons globally
  • Implement the Made in America program to create jobs by strengthening supply chains to small businesses and big industry
  • Meet with leaders from Central America to discuss reasons for population migration to the U.S.
  • Re-authorize the Violence Against Women’s Act
  • Move to close the “Charleston Loophole” which allows the purchase of guns without adequate background checks
  • Require the new Attorney General to investigate departments responsible for enforcing gun control laws
  • End the National Emergency declared by Trump that allows money to be taken from defense to Build the Border Wall

Biden also is planning to use dozens of executive orders to reverse Trump’s policies that are based on racism, economic inequality, and anti-climate change. Biden is determined not to wait for congressional approval on policies he believes are vital to America’s recovery from Trump’s assault on democracy and our national decency. Amid historic assaults on his presidency and the foundations of democracy, Biden is proving he is steadfast, stable, and focused on the job of healing and re-stabilizing America. In contrast, Trump is inciting violent, seditionist militias to attack democracy and in the process make threats to murder elected government officials.

In contrast, amid this week’s shameful, dangerous attack on the government he leads, Trump is obsessed with promoting the lie that he won the election. This un-American lie caused the insurrection for which he was impeached and will continue to cause attacks against democracy, lives to be lost, and America’s reputation in the world to suffer. His behaviors are transparently self-serving and evidence he is derelict in keeping his oath of office to protect the Constitution and the lives of Americans.

In their support of Trump, Republican elected officials have branded their party as the party of racism, dishonesty, sedition, and conspiracy theories. Lincoln is rolling over in his grave. Those Republicans who oppose Trumpism like Senator Ben Sasse, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and others need to organize a coalition and formalize a movement that reboots their principles and will rid their party of members like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and other extremists who will abolish the original principles of the traditional GOP.

Trump lost the presidency, the Senate, and the House. Americans who love America and what it stands for have spoken.

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