Trump’s Lawyers Should Advise Him To Publicly Retract His False Claims Of Election Fraud And Admit There Is No Proof That He Won By Hundreds Of Thousands Of Votes. The Fringe, Unstable, Cult Segment Of His Base Will Remain Violent And Anti-Democracy Until He Releases Them From His Conspiracy Theory Bubble. If Only To Save His Own Ass, He Must Do It Or Forever Be Banned From Social Media And Television, Branded As A Domestic Terrorist Presenting Imminent Danger To The Country. Will The Republican Party Fight To Defeat The Anti- Democratic Takeover Of Their Party By The Cult Of Trump.

Trump has no options left to him to salvage the power and riches he has possessed throughout his life and never deserved. He discovered a way to package racism, hid it within fiscal and immigration policies which ultra-conservatives would like, and rode into the presidency on the wave of white fear in reaction to Barack Obama’s presidency. Mental health professionals have been warning the country since 2017 that Trump was a malignant narcissist and sociopath and his hunger for power, pathologically weak ego, and inability to feel empathy would endanger democracy and national security. This week, those truths were realized in the attack by the white supremacist/antisemitic supporters on the sacred Capitol building.Signs of his mental instability, racism, and intentions to transform the United States into an autocratic government began early into his presidency. His first act was to call for the Muslim ban. He then declared Mexicans immigrating into our country as rapists and drug dealers. Other actions he took to signal he would not govern aligned with the Constitution but instead would and behave like an autocrat were;

  • Interfered in the Russia investigation
  • Avoided constitutional congressional hearings on his administration appointments by keeping people in ” acting status”.
  • Withheld military support to an ally country unless they agreed to investigate his presidential opponent
  • Attacked foundations of democracy such as the free press
  • Emboldened hate-groups and conspiracy theorists
  • Routinely lied to the American people about his opponents, COVID-19, and the 2020 election results
  • Defended or ignored Russian misconduct
  • Encouraged and directed an insurgence against the U.S. government leading to the desecration of the Capitol Bldg, and the deaths of 5 people.

Innumerable other examples exist that will forever brand Trump as the most anti-American, dangerous, disturbed person to ever hold the office of U.S. president. The call for his impeachment, removal, or resignation is a sign that democracy is winning and Trump, his enablers, and supporters are losing. Holding him accountable for attempting to undermine a free and fair democratic election is vital in succeeding at convincing his anti-democracy supporters, GOP supplicant members of Congress, allies, and adversaries that the American democracy is strong and will prevail against these insurgence movement led by Donald Trump.It was apparent early on in Trump’s presidency the Republican party led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would hold their noses, look the other way and let him attack democratic norms all in their pursuit of judicial appointments. Democrats, in general, kick their elected officials out of office for much lesser offenses, but the corrupt Tea Party wing of the Republican party has proven they care more about power than their oath to uphold the Constitution.The clinical question regarding Trump is doing his narcissism disables him from being part of the solution in reducing the violence he has generated against American democracy. Narcissists have fragile egos and admitting flaws, mistakes, and apologizing requires a level of humility and empathy that the disorder blocks. Lying and manipulating is a component of the disorder so Trump is probably still strategizing to retain his supporter’s allegiance ss he loses power and faces the possible loss of his freedom.Unfortunately, the majority of the electorate has never read the Constitution. Not knowing the content lends itself to believing inaccurate interpretations that can fuel alliances with people like Trump, who try to subvert the law for power and political and personal gain. The insurgent rioters are convinced by Trump that the election was unconstitutionally stolen from him and them and that they are the freedom fighters and Trump is the protector of democracy.As the countdown to Trump’s last day in office approaches, we will never forget the images of the rioters following his orders wearing Auschwitz camp t-shirts, the 6 MWE shirts ( 6 million wasn’t enough), confederate flags, and forcefully breaking into both Houses of government violently shouting “where is Mike Pence,” while calling for his hanging. In the backdrop was a noose, zip locks used to restrain hostages, and a car filled with Molotov cocktails. If Trump doesn’t work with the government to denounce hate groups and admit the election results were fair, all efforts to silence his Hitler-like takeover of America.

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