Today Trump Organized And Incited A Violent Insurrection By His Supporters On The Steps Of The U.S. Capitol To Disrupt The Certification Of The Electoral College Vote Confirming The Election Of Joe Biden As President. He Continues To Prove He Is A Dictator Without Respect For Or Belief In The American Constitution. Officials From Both Parties, White House Staff And Cabinet Members Have A Duty The Our Constitution To Protect Americans From The Presidents Violent Tendencies And Lies About The Election Being Stolen From Him. Talk Is Beginning To Circulate Questioning His Sanity And Possible Removal From Office.

A domestic-terrorist mob organized and encouraged by Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Rudy Guiliani, and others violently infiltrated the buildings housing the House of Representatives and the Senate. The rioters included members identified with the conspiracy theory group Q’anon, white supremacists groups such as The Proud Boys, and other far-right extremist groups. Clusters of men were seen wearing t-shirts saying 6MWE, which stands for ” 6 Million Wasn’t Enough” referringg to the 6 million Jews killed at Auschwitz and other concentration camps during WWII.. The white supremacist hate towards Jews and African Americans was on full display at the insurrection today, the culmination of Trump’s racist 4 year reign of hate.

Trump is in a dangerous mental decline as he faces the final days of his presidency as his behavior today displays. Ordering his supporters to descend in anger on the Capitol Bldg. which is a monument to our democracy proves it. His pathological inability to manage the shame of his re-election loss has unleashed an onslaught of vindictive, retaliatory threats towards Republican officials and the rule of law.

The Trump-infused violent coup at the Capitol today led to the deaths of 4 people. Others were injured and members of Congress were evacuated to protect them from physical harm. The police appeared to deal with the predominantly white insurgent crowd with a gentler hand than towards the Black Life Matters protesters this past summer. This fact, along with many other examples, reflects Trump’s racist views which favor white supremacist ideology over the ideology that supports racial justice in America.

CNN reported tonight that discussions are taking place in the White House amongst Cabinet members about invoking the 25 Amendment. The attack on the Capitol Building today by a violent mob of Trump supporters is being called a day in history that can be accurately referred to as ” a day that will live in infamy.” President Franklin Roosevelt used that phrase about the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7th, 1941. Today Americans violently attacked democracy in defense of Donald Trump and his lies about the fair election he lost being stolen and in doing so they became domestic terrorists acting against our government. Members of law enforcement were attacked and injured during the riot which disproves the lie that Trump is the “law and order president.” During his comments today on the riot he incited his supporters to commit at the Capitol he repeated the conspiracy theory that the election was stolen. He validated the anger of the mob, robotically told them to go home and stop the violence, then ended his words with, ” I love you, you’re special people.”

The level of assault against our houses of government by Trump supporters today proves his self-declaration as being the law and order president was nothing more than a gaslighting technique. He incites violence against people and causes he opposes while he encourages tolerance for violence on the issues he supports. He has proven throughout his presidency that he has no loyalty to any particular person, issue, or the Constitution. Since losing the election, he has turned against more fellow elected state and federal Republicans than Democrats. Despite their long-standing support of him, these Republicans have been maligned and threatened by Trump because they have refused to join his false campaign claiming the election was fraudulent and stolen from him. His anger at failing to convince elected officials to illegally overturn the results of the election caused him to direct his supporters to stop today’s congressional certification of Joe Biden’s electoral win. Treason is a word beginning to circulate in the public narrative about him and the consequences for his actions could be swift and severe.

Former Secretary of Defense General James Mattis was quoted in Politico today as saying, “Today’s violent attack on our Capitol, was an effort to subjugate American democracy by mob rule, and was fomented by Mr. Trump.” Mattis wrote, ” His use of the Presidency to destroy trust in our elections and to poison our respect for fellow citizens has been enabled by pseudo-political leaders whose name will live in infamy as profiles in cowardice.”

Republican Representative Josh Hawley led the movement against confirming Joe Biden’s win. He is now seen as complicit in the violent coup attempt at the Capitol. His politically motivated call to deny acceptance of the electoral vote in Pennsylvania has promoted a false narrative of election fraud which contributed to the violent assault today on democracy. An organized movement is forming to appropriately demonize this dangerously opportunistic, anti-democracy presidential-wannabee. Today he sealed the coffin on his chances to ever be president.

Justice is coming for members of Congress who have given Trump a free pass to violate the Constitution and break the norms that are critical to maintaining a civil, rule of law society. Justice is coming for the domestic terrorists who forcefully infiltrated the chambers of the House and Senate. They are captured on camera committing crimes against our country and should be prepared to be arrested and hopefully charged with crimes that put them in jail and permanently take away their right to vote. Additionally, did they notice the president broke another promise to them because he doesn’t care about them; he didn’t join them in their riotous march to the Capitol as he said he would do on tape. He has a talent for making fools out of his supporters. Some will now be asking themselves if being on the Trump train was worth losing their freedoms.

There is hope coming for America with the change of administration, vaccines on the way, and prosecutions coming for Trump, his kids, and possibly William Barr for their assaults upon our democratic way of life. Today must be remembered as the day to memorize the names of the elected officials who voted to end democracy and who deserve their careers in politics to be ended along with the Trump presidency.

Rep. Republican Adam Kinzinger is the first member of Congress to publicly call for the 25th Amendment to be invoked. More may follow as Trump’s spiral continues to threaten the stability of the country.

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