We Should Drop The President- Elect Title For Joe Biden And Just Refer To Him As President Biden. He Has Assumed The Roll Of Moral And Governing Leader Of The Country While Trump Golfs Like An Addict And Schemes To Diminish The Integrity And Stability Of Our Democracy. He Might Even Be Bordering On Treasonist Behaviors By Withholding Information From Biden That Is Vital To Maintaining National Security.

Joe Biden hasn’t been inaugurated yet, however, he is already at work staffing his administration, formulating a plan to get the pandemic under control, rebuilding our alliances around the world, and laying the foundation for bipartisan governing. He is in a uniquely troubling situation being the only president-elect in history to follow a president who is purposely taking action to damage the country to sabotage his presidency. The retaliation and deceit at play by Trump to overturn the election results and to recruit GOP members of Congress to stand with him against democracy are so heinous, they might be legally actionable once is out of office.
From a psychological perspective, Trump is behaving as if he is in a troubled state of mind. Insiders report he is exhibiting excessive anger and impulsive control. He has recently gone on a pardoning spree of friends who have committed serious crimes connected to protecting his obstruction of justice actions during the Mueller Investigation. Some of these pardons could be found to be illegal once he leaves office. He is obsessively golfing, filing lawsuits attacking and opposing the election results which state and Supreme courts have thrown out, and is organizing an effort by Congress to defy approval of the electoral college vote.


Try as they will, there is nothing Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, or Lindsay Graham can say about Trump which will change the worldwide consensus that he will be written in the history books as the worst American president ever elected to the office. His erratic behavior since losing his re-election bid is proving what the mental health professionals have been warning the country about for years; that he is a highly disordered person, suffering from severe personality disorders that are mostly unresponsive to psychological treatment. His current behaviors are proving these professional hypotheses to be accurate. Despite the ruling by the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, Trump’s grandiosity and sociopathic lack of empathy for others is causing him to indicate taking any action to mitigate the destruction caused by COVID,-19. Instead, he is focusing on stealing the election which he lost and turning the GOP Congress into enemies of democratic norms and principles.

In between playing inappropriate amounts of golf and tantrumming embarrassingly on Twitter, Trump is strategizing his post-presidency assault on American democracy and bullying the sissified GOP to bow at his unworthy feet. He is also withholding vital defense department information from the Biden team and blocking full access to other departments to sabotage Biden’s efforts as the new sitting president. Hopefully, this behavior will be legally actionable by the incoming Attorney General after January 20th.

Joe Biden has been assembling a diverse, highly experienced cabinet to clean up the mess that Trump’s incompetent, corrupt collection of cronies have created. He has devised a COVID-19 recovery plan led by the competent and heroic Dr. Anthony Fauci. His plan includes; policies regarding masking, testing, and distribution of vaccinations. His plans regarding immigration policy, infrastructure, and climate change are comprehensively revealed on Joe Biden.com.

He has been reaching out to Republican colleagues, allies, and the Trump electorate to bring the country together. Contrary to Trump’s clownish, mob-boss persona, Biden is modeling maturity, respect for democracy, class, morality, and competence. America will recover it’s core values once Trump is out of the office and pays for his destructive, criminal acts against democracy.

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