The Autocratic President, Donald Trump, Has Tried But Thus Far Has Failed To End The United States Existence As A Democracy. On January 6th, He Will Try Again By Calling For Republicans In Congress Not To Approve The Electoral College Vote In Favor Of Joe Biden For President. If That Fails, He May Follow The Suggestion Of The Recently Pardoned, Treasonist Former General Michael Flynn To Declare Marshal Law Calling For The Military To Overturn The Election Results In The Swing States. Democracy Has And Will Survive Trump’s Attempt To Kill It, And Justice Awaits Him Starting January. 21st.

Trump has lost over 60 of the cases he has brought to the courts claiming extensive voter fraud in the 2020 election. His attempts to have the courts declare him the winner by having them throw out the votes in the swing states have failed, including with the Supreme Court. Many voters who support Trump (and believe he is good for America) simply do not understand what democracy means. Those who do understand what democracy means and still support him;

– Believe in an autocratic, not democratic government

– Are cult-vulnerable personality types- support die-hard partisanship over the interest of the country

– Are addicted to celebrity

– Have not read the constitution or educated themselves on what presidential political corruption looks like within both political parties

In a democracy, the power of the government is vested in the people; the rule of the majority of the people. The Founding Fathers embedded into the Constitution a set of laws that supports equality for all people, the rule of law, and a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” This premise conflicts with Donald Trump’s vision of America which is clarified in his statement, ” Article II says I can do anything I want.” That statement combined with countless acts of violations of the Constitution exposes Trump as an autocrat and thus supporting him makes one complicit in the weakening of the American democracy. Though not an intentional unpatriotic act, those who voted for Trump AGAIN, are victims of a scamming, dishonest grifter of a president.

Four years into his term, Trump has succeeded in committing two of the most heinous of his acts against democracy and the American people;

1) His lack of leadership and disinformation campaign during the Covid-19 pandemic led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, approximately 2,000,000 infections and the collapse of the economy, and

2) His attempt to overturn a free and fair election to unfairly retain power by filing baseless claims of fraud, threatening election officials and governors in swing states to nullify the votes, and waging a disinformation campaign against mail-in-voting.

In a taped interview with journalist Bob Woodward last year, Trump admitted he knew the virus was ” deadly” but he was ” “playing it down so people wouldn’t panic.” That statement is an admission that he failed to protect the public health by withholding information about the virus and lied about the serious threat of death that it posed. He repeatedly ridiculed mask-wearing, held super-spreader rallies and social events at the White House, tried to suppress the release of COVID facts by the CDC, promised the virus was like the flu and would disappear, and through his irresponsible behaviors caught COVID and caused many members of his staff to become infected. Scientists have been educating the public about how to effectively prevent becoming infected with the virus. However, Trump sidelined the revered Dr. Fauci from leading the task force and replaced him with Dr. Scott Atlas who was a medical conspiracy theorist, and the My Pillow Guy who touted a weird potion of oleander leaves as a COVID cure.

Leading up to the presidential election, Trump called the election rigged, claiming mail-in-voting ( which is how he and his family vote) was fraudulent. He incited aggression in his supporters towards Democrats and election officials. He lied, saying he had proof of voter fraud when he had none. He pressured governors and election officials to exclude mail-in-ballots from the final vote. Additionally, he filed lawsuits that had no merit and which damaged trust in the integrity of the election process.

In addition to acting like a sore loser after the election, he acted as an enemy of democracy by attacking members of both parties for refusing to declare him the winner of an election that he lost by a landslide. His focus on overturning the results of the election has resulted in the dereliction of his duties as president. He is tantruming, trying to sabotage Joe Biden’s success by withholding complete information about national defense and the budget, and campaigning for donations to support his mission to illegally change the election results.

Democracy has survived the corruption that Trump and his appointees brought to the White House. His disastrous managing of the pandemic and his anti-American assault on the integrity of the U.S. election system may have criminal ramifications for the soon former president once he is told to leave the White House. No one is above the law!

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