The 25th Amendment Was Written In Anticipation Of A Moment When A President Shows Signs Of A Psychological Imbalance. Discussions About Trump’s Sanity Isn’t Partisan. More Republican Than Democratic Military Officers, Former Government Officials, And Career CIA And FBI Professionals Have Been Warning Us For Year’s That Trump Is Unfit To Be The Commander-In-Chief. Since He Lost The Presidency, He Is Acting More Strange And Is Surrounding Himself With Fringe Conspiracy Theorists. He Is On A Collision Course With His Mental Disorders.

The major problem with the 25th Amendment as it is written is that the power of declaring the president incapable of carrying out his duties rests in the hands of the Vice-President. Mike Pence is an example of a Vice- President who because of loyalty, fear, and political opportunism will support the president staying in, office even if he were to burn the Constitution on national TV with Putin at his side. It makes no sense to give the authority for protecting the country against a crazy president to a Vice-President from the same party who is afraid of constituent backlash.

Mental health professionals, legal scholars, former friends, and former members of the administration are boldly appearing on national television expressing concerns about Trump’s mental stability and cognitive functioning. There has never been a president who declared a fair election fraudulent and suggested the possibility of declaring Marshal Law to nullify the votes of millions of Americans. Additionally, Trump is ignoring the surging pandemic, a collapsing economy, and the Russian hacking of top-secret intelligence and military data. The abdication of his duties is clear. The 25th Amendment, if implemented, could have saved lives and protected the assault on our democracy.

In her book, Mary L. Trump describes her uncle Donald as dangerous, narcissistic, and sociopathic. Mary is a licensed clinical psychologist and has witnessed Trump’s cold, cruel, vindictive, and egocentric behaviors throughout her entire life. Her father was a victim of his cruelty, disloyalty, and disrespect, and Mary herself was victimized by his greed during the resolution of the family trust after her grandfather died.

Trump continues to rally support from fringe conspiracy theorists who are willing to support his delusional belief that he can stay in power even though he lost the election. The people who remain in Trump’s inner circle are cronies, oddballs, family members, and opportunistic sycophants. Gone are the patriots to democracy, the top of their field professionals, and the leaders with moral integrity. Driven by his narcissism, severe low self-esteem, and shame Trump has fired every member of his staff and administration that opposed his pursuit of authoritarian, anti-constitutional use of power. The majority of the banished ones were lifelong Republicans whose careers were ended because they would not go along with Trump’s requests to break the law or sacrifice their integrity by lying or cheating for him. What is left of his inner circle is a collection of pathetic cronies and wackos such as Rudy Giuliani, attorney Sidney Powell, Mark Meadows, and wannabe’s sons Don Jr. and Eric.

Americans who are concerned about national security and the survival of our democracy are strategizing their protective responses to more of the destructive actions which Trump might take. Given the danger Trump’s delusional state poses to the country, why shouldn’t an emergency popular vote be taken allowing the people to decide if a president is normal enough to continue to execute his duties. Trump is proving what many Republicans have said which is Trump is a faux Republican. He cares nothing about the tradition and ideology of the party. He has turned against and tried to ruin the careers and lives of every Republican who has opposed him in any way based on their principles and loyalty to the party. AG William Barr is gone and Mitch McConnell has been warned by Trump that he better stay loyal to him even after he leaves office. His supporters mean nothing to him but a way to retain relevance. Anyone who continues to support his assault on democracy and regarding of America is complicit and consequences for that should be legislated by Congress.

PS. Anyone who believes Joe Biden illegally stole the election should refuse the additional COVID stimulus he will undoubtedly? enact once in office. Be consistent in your unpatriotic resistance!!

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