Can America Survive The Last 30 Days Of Mad King Donald J. Trump’s Attempts To Shred Democracy And Ruin The Health And Financial Stability Of All Americans? He Is Trying To Overturn A Fair, Democratic Election. He Is Ignoring The Devastating Surge Of COVID-19. He Is Opposing The State Departments Position That Russia Has Succeeded In The Worst Cybersecurity Attack On U.S. Intelligence And Military Agencies In The History Of Our Country. His Legacy Reflects An Extreme Loss of American Lives, Jobs, And A Test As To Whether The U.S. Will Remain A Democracy Or Be Become a Dictatorship. So Far, Democracy Winning!

The fake narrative of election fraud is Trump’s distraction campaign to counter his shame about losing the election to Joe Biden. He has a pattern of calling people ” losers” because he fears being seen as a loser himself. However, to blatantly lie that he won the presidency, despite the Supreme Court ruling against overturning the swing state elections, is desperate and pathetic. His firings, tweets, talks of pardons, and conspiracy theories make him appear to be an unstable, insecure broken-down lame-duck of a president. White House insiders report that Trump is distracted, angry, obsessed with his re-election failure, and seeking revenge towards anyone who has refused to deliver the invalidation of Biden’s win. HE IS ATTACKING OUR DEMOCRACY WITH FALSE CLAIMS OF ELECTION FRAUD AND ATTEMPTING TO CORRUPT ELECTION OFFICIALS TO OVERTURN A FAIR DEMOCRATIC ELECTION.

Instead of cooperating with the transition of the new administration and continuing to work for the American people, Trump is absent from executing the duties of the presidency. Consuming his time are his efforts to delegitimize Joe Biden’s win with complete disregard for the truth. His attack on the institution of democracy sends shockwaves through those elected officials who have remained loyal to our Constitution over loyalty to this self-serving, corrupt president who had been trying to take down democracy since he took office.

He has threatened state officials of both parties to declare the election a fraud and to throw out the results. He has spread conspiracy theories about voting machines, suggested ballots cast in his favor have been confiscated and thrown out, and continues to spread the delusional narrative that he won an election that he lost in a landslide. He is embracing the guidance of conspiracy theory nut cases to rewrite how the United States functions as a democracy. Yesterday, former national security advisor and pardoned felon Michael Flynn announced Trump should consider declaring Marshal Law in the swing states and call for an election do-over. Those who remain on Trump’s team have established themselves as enemies of American democracy, embracing the autocratic ideology of Trumpism, a shadow version of toxic dictatorial regimes. IGNORING THE DEVASTATING SURGE OF COVID 19 AND WHILE AMERICANS ARE DYING, LOSING THEIR JOBS, THEIR HOME, S AND THEIR HEALTH, DONALD TRUMP IS TAKING DELUSIONAL AND ILLEGAL ACTIONS TO STAY IN POWER AND TO SEEK VENGEANCE ON THOSE WHO OPPOSE HIS AGENDA. Over 307,000 have died of COVID-19 while Donald Trump tweets and appears on camera without mention of the dead and the overwhelming grief that so many American families are suffering. While Dr. Anthony Fauci and countless other scientific community members urge the public to wear masks, socially distance, and avoid gathering in groups, Trump plans large Christmas parties in defiance of the life-saving CDC recommended protocols. Not only does he express no empathy for those who have died from COVID-19 and the suffering of their families, but he also spends no time leading the effort to distribute the vaccine expeditiously or to build confidence in the vaccine by being vaccinated himself. There is a pathological coldness from Trump toward the loss of life and suffering. Equally concerning is the blatant attempt to create more destruction to people’s lives in his pursuit to retain power. Another form of destructiveness is Trump is skilled at inciting aggressive behaviors in his followers towards Biden, the new administration, and those Republicans and Democrats who oppose Trump. SECRETARY OF STATE MIKE POMPEO DECLARES THE EVIDENCE POINTS TO RUSSIA BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MOST EXTENSIVE, DAMAGING CYBERSECURITY ATTACK ON U.S. INTELLIGENCE AND MILITARY AGENCIES IN OUR COUNTRY’S HISTORY. PRESIDENT PUTIN’S ALLY, DONALD TRUMP, IS TRYING TO DIVERT ATTENTION AWAY FROM RUSSIA BY ACCUSING CHINA Of THE HACKING. In Michael Cohen’s book, Disloyal, he makes clear how obsessive Trump was about pursuing his project, Trump Tower Moscow, during the 2015 presidential campaign. It has been suggested that Trump’s consistent defense of Russia is because Putin has compromising information about him. The Steele Dossier offers a salacious tape of Trump and prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. However, that incident has never been proven, so the hunger to secure the deal to build a Moscow Trump Tower or the pursuit of other business opportunities suggests why Trump has continued not to confront Putin on issues such as placing bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, interfering in the 2015 U.S. presidential election, and Russian-backed attempts to poison his adversaries. Intelligence and military professionals declare this recent hack into the computers at these agencies poses a grave risk to the U.S. federal government. CNBC has reported that the hacking includes access to systems at the National Nuclear Security Administration. While government officials scramble to figure out how to address the problem, Trump is waging war against democracy by trying to steal the election that he legally lost. Under this administration’s policies and its defia

nice of democratic norms and values, American democracy will survive on oxygen until January 20th, when Joe Biden will begin erasing Trump’s toxic legacy.

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