Democrats Are Positioned To Win the Georgia Senate Seats. Removing Mitch McConnell As Majority Leader Is Necessary To Rid The Senate Of Obstructionism and A Dangertous Loyalty To Trump’s Immoral, Illegal, Incompeten Reign Over America Senators. Senators Perdue And Loeffler Are Tainted, Swampy, The Type Of Characters The New, Evolving Georgia Has Out Grown. Jon Ossoff and Reverend Warnock Offer A Diverse, Down-to-Earth, Moral Approach To Addressing The Current Concerns Of Georgians, Not The Self- Serving Extremism Of Loeffler And Perdue.

Georgia officials are under assault by Donald Trump and his administration for being loyal to democracy instead of devoted to serving his self-centered, delusional pursuit of power that Americans have stripped from him. Trump has claimed unethical, unsubstantiated accusations of Georgia officials running a fraudulent election. Equally disturbing to his delusional, pathetically shamed-based claim that he won the election is the assault on our democracy he is waging for all the world to see. In his desperate, unethical, possibly illegal pursuit to regain the office and power he lost in the election, he has transformed the image of a stable, moral American democracy into a corrupt, mob-like, autocratic, clown show that leaves the world stunned and discouraged about our country.

Winning Georgia, a red state that Biden’s win turned blue, would weaken Trump’s alliance with Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Trumpism agenda they will continue which will obstruct the Biden Administration’s agenda. Presidents leaving office do not usually;

-Pressure governors and state secretary of states to overturn elections by throwing out legal votes.

-Claim they won an election that they lost.

-Wage unsubstantiated attacks on the integrity of our democratic elections on the world stage, in an attempt to illegally retain their office

-Fire election professionals who validate the integrity of elections, opposing presidential false claims of fraud

-File bogus lawsuits to solicit donations for a Superpac for his discretionary use after leaving office.

Only 27 members of congress have validated the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s win. Trump has succeeded in almost transforming our Constitution into a meaningless document to be shredded by the president and the executive branch. The devotion and subservience to Trump’s autocratic view of the presidency make winning control of the Senate vital to the recovery of America’s democratic stability.

Senators Loeffler and Perdue are on board with Trump’s assault on the integrity of our elections. They have not acknowledged Joe Biden as the President-elect and are compliant with Trump in damaging the trust in the accuracy and fairness of the recent election outcome. They are not loyal public servants to Georgians, they are political supplicants to Trump and his anti-democratic pursuit to stay in power. They have both been accused of corrupt financial practices related to making personal financial gains through well-timed sales of stock holdings upon learning through Connel’ c all-Senate briefing which warned of the disaster coming from the arrival of COVID-19. Perdue is estimated to be worth between 15 and 43 million dollars and Loeffler between 800 million and 1 billion dollars. How do the people of Georgia benefit from having both of their Senators members of the upper 1% and who voted against extending unemployment insurance or offering immediate economic relief to Americans during the pandemic?

The perception of moderate democrats has been damaged by falsely labeling them as Antifa advocates and socialists. These labels are blatantly false and the use of them is motivated by political corruption. President-elect Joe Biden is a moderate Democrat with a history of successfully working with Republicans on passing legislation to better the lives of Americans. Extremist groups exist on the far-left and the far-right and except when used to disparage the reputation of the opposite party, they hold no relevance to governance.

Winning Georgia will simply end Mitch McConnell’s opportunistic, corrupt, undemocratic tenure as majority leader of the Senate. He cares only about power and control and sees America as a white, Christian, conservative country. Take a look at the Biden nominated Cabinet Mitch, you’re looking and sounding like Trump, who you once called dreadful. Hypocrites are the antithesis of moral Christians, and hopefully, Georgians will vote out Perfume and Loeffler to end your poisonous assault on our democratic morals.

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