Donald Trump Is In A Mentally Desperate Spiral. His Latest Scheme To Defraud People Is Called The Official Election Defense Fund. He Is Soliciting Donations From His Supporters To Pay For His Baseless Fight To Overturn The Election Results. Is This Grifter Scheme His Way Of Accumulating Money To Pay Off His Millions Of Dollars of Debt And To Support His Lifestyle? Additionally, He Keeps Filing Claims To Prove Fraud In The Election, And In Every Case, His Efforts Prove No Fraud Occurred. He Is Staying Silent About References To Violence By His Supporters Towards Those Who Oppose His Attack On Our Democratic Elections. His Behavior Is Disturbingly Abnormal And Is Being Enabled By Republican Officials.

Trump is a talented grifter. He has a history of ripping off contractors and other professionals doing business with him. Michael Cohen has publicly disclosed incidences where he participated in Trump’s schemes to default on business loans and financial commitments. Cohen often refers to Trump as extremely cheap and indifferent to the damage he inflicts on people. With hundreds of millions of dollars in debt coming due soon after he leaves office, it seems the self-proclaimed financial genius has concocted this faux election cause to lure his supporters to send him money to bail him out of financial ruin.

Trump is begging his supporters to send him money to help in his fight to overturn the election which he says was stolen from him by the Democrats. His plea is working as he has raised over 170 million dollars that he can choose to use to fulfill his political and personal pursuits. His historic lack of transparency about his foreign business dealings or how the money from his inauguration fund was spent makes it difficult to trust his reasoning for needing to raise funds.

It is obvious and factual Trump lost the election fairly. Even Trump’s sycophant Attorney General William Barr announced yesterday there is no evidence of election fraud and validated the election results. Trump has lost over 30 cases in which he cited voter fraud and has falsely claimed he has proof of election misconduct. His attorneys have subjected themselves to humiliating repudiations from conservative Trump-appointed judges for producing no evidence to support their claims. Those who know Trump for years speculate the success of his donation campaign is sustained by continuing the fake narrative that the money will be used to protect our democratic elections. The truth is he will have access to that money to use as he wishes.

By creating this blatantly false narrative about election fraud to raise money for himself Trump is also generating another dangerous scenario; the normalization of death threats towards those who oppose his efforts to undermine trust in our free and fair elections. These are some of the government and election officials who have received death threats or lesser threats of violence;

– Katie Hobbs, Democratic Secretary of State from Arizona reported threats against her and her family.

– Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffansperger of Georgia reported receiving threatening messages during the recount. He also received pressure from Senator Lindsey Graham to disqualify votes.

-Mike Shirkey, the Republican leader of the Pennsylvania state Senate reported death threats had been made against the children of Wayne County election canvassers.

-Ex-Cybersecurity Chief Christopher Krebs was threatened on Twitter by Trump campaign attorney Joe Digenova to be “taken out at dawn and shot.”

Trump has not used the power of his office to decrease the violent rhetoric aimed at election and government officials who have dismissed his accusations of election fraud. The White House put out a generic statement denouncing any threats of violence against elected officials, however, Trump remains silent on the issue. Washington insiders speculate Trump ignores the increasing violence and will continue his campaign for donations by spreading baseless lies about the election being stolen from him. His anti-democratic, aggressive, traitor- like approach to the transition of power is endangering the physical safety of countless patriotic election officials and leaves us no choice but to hope Southern District of New York prosecutor Cyrus Vance can ” lock him up”, silence his toxic assault on America, and actually “make great again.”

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