President- Elect Joe Biden Is Already Proving He Is A More Competent, Patriotic Leader Than Donald Trump.While Biden Assembles A Task Force To Fight The Spread Of COVID-19 And A Bipartisan Advisory Board On Foreign Policy And National Security, Trump Is Golfing, Tweeting, And Waging A Baseless, Self- Serving Attack On A Free And Fair Election That He Lost. The Courts Are Throwing Out His Accusations Of Election Fraud, And The Vote Recounts Are Proving Biden Has Won. What’s Next? A Catastrophic Military Move To Sabotage The Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy? Democracy Is Under Attack By It’s Own President While Republicans Stay Silent.

If the Vice- President Pence was a true patriot instead of a partisan, weakling, he would be threatening the implementation of the 25th Amendment. Since he lost the election, Trump has been increasingly impulsive, vindictive, reclusive, and derelict in executing his presidential duties. In the midst of the pandmic, he has not met with the White House COVID task force in 5 months. He still hasn’t forced Mitch McConnell to pass another stimulus bill to boost the economy and ease the financial hardships facing millions of Americans. There is no talk of infrastructure or any attempt to unite this divided country or to aid in the smooth transition of power.

Instead, his post election agenda consists of golfing, tweeting, watching Fox News, and firing high level government officials out of revenge for them honestly executing their duties. To Trump, an acceptable job performance means;  a loyal, unquestioning execution of all of his desires, whether legal or not, and total, public support of any lie he tells. His narcissism is on full display with the focus on himself and his election grievances, instead of being on the problems facing the American people. His dismissive, uncompassionate attitude towards the tragic loss of 250,000 American lives due to the COVID pandemic and his refusal to take action to ameliorate it’s spread are strong indications of a secondary diagnosis of Anti- Social Personality Disorder. A person who suffers from sociopathy is erratic, paranoid, ego- centered and lacking in empathy. His refusal to work with Biden on issues related to COVID is behavior consistent with significant pathology of character.

One has to question whether Trump is cognitively or emotionally able to connect his failure to develop a federal plan to manage the pandemic with the death, sickness, and financial ruin that is ravaging the country. He either understands it and doesn’t care or is clueless. Either explanation renders him unfit for office. In an analysis of the actions he takes, his common concerns are; 1) how will this benefit me, 2) how could this hurt me, and 3) how much power can I continue to gain by stretching the parameters of the Constitution? Obama warned us that Trump was not an ideologue. However, who could have predicted he would develop an ideology that exclusively focused on governing the country with his own personal and professional gains in mind.

After months of touting excitement about the discovery of vaccines to combat COVID, Trump is taking action to sabotage the benefit of the breakthrough. The FDA approval of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is approaching and Biden and his transition team are eager to receive access to the information which will assist them in preparing for the national distribution process of the vaccines. However, Trump is committed to sabotaging Biden’s chances to be successful with his pandemic relief efforts. The refusal to give Biden access to information held by the White House COVID task force could be interpreted as passive complicity in the needless deaths of COVID sufferers.

In addition to refusing to concede the election, Trump’s lying and disinformation tactics about the election continue to stall the recovery the country so desperatetely needs . The normalization of lying and conspiracy theory politics may be the most damaging of all of Trump’s influences on American politics. The arrogant, brazen, pervasive pattern of disinformation he engages in has created mistrust, anxiety, confusion, and division that has damaged the Republican party, trust in the free press, and has diminished the reputation of America around the world.

In the book, ” Inside Obama’s Brain by Sascha Abramsky, Obama is quoted as saying, ” America would remain strong, as long as the world revered American ideals; for so long large parts of the world wanted America as their guardian angel.” With Trump as president, the world has seen America show cruelty towards immigrants and asylum seekers, a rise in white supremacy and anti-Semitism, worship of money and power over morals, and a weakening of strict adherence to the Constitution. For these transgressions, America has earned the pity of world leaders and their countrymen. However, there was dancing in the streets around the world when Trump lost his re-election and a renewed optimism emerged with the belief President-elect Joe Biden would keep his promise and “restore the soul of America.”

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