Georgia Turned Blue To Elect Joe Biden For President. Now Georgia Democrats Must Flip The Senate To Stop The Corrupt Practices Of Mitch McConnell And The Toxic Remnants Of Trumpism. Senate Majority Leaders Should Not Have The Power To Obstruct The Voice Of Each Individual Senator By Blocking Their Ability To Hear Legislation Passed By The House Of Representatives. McConnell Has Over 400 Bills Sitting On His Desk Which He Has Not Allowed To Be Presented On The Floor Of The Senate. As The January Senate Run-Off Election In Georgia Approaches, Kelly Loeffler And David Perdue’s Character Issues And Corruptive Behaviors Should Promote Their Defeat And Rid The Senate Of The Dangerous Relic of The Past, Mitch McConnell.

Negative partisan division in Washington is crippling legislative progress and causing Americans to feel disillusioned about their government and their futures. Partisan power mongering has transformed our government into a competitiveness between the party’s that ignores the wants and needs of the people. Mitch McConnell has one goal in mind when executing his duties; to block any legislative efforts by the Democrats. Isn’t it suspicious for an elected official to 100% percent ALWAYS disagree with the ideas and policies of the opposing party? McConnell brags about being called The Grim Reaper with his desk being the place where all Democratic bills go to die. His tactic of blocking legislation should be considered unethical and a dereliction of his duty. A majority leader should not have the ultimate power to stonewall against legislative collaboration and compromise.

The corrupt, anti- democratic approach to leadership is the reason why winning the two Georgia Senate seats is crucial for democracy. Having the majority in either branch of Congress should not exclusively be about the math of which party has more elected officials. If it continues to be all about majority math, the laws which will be generated will disregard the needs and ideals of 50% of the American population. How will government ever earn the trust of a majority of it’s electorate if this level of partisan division persists? It won’t earn that trust and the result will a loss of what is good and useful to our democracy from the ideologies of both parties. Without the open mindedness and comraderie of bipartisanship, the United States of America remains the Divided States of America.

Supporters of Trumpism as a form of government for America should study the practices of autocratic leaders. They pursue unilateral power, proclaim all-knowing expertise about everything, appoint unqualified friends and families for high positions in government, are obsessed with the military, and use their position for personal and political gain. It seems under McConnell’s authority, the Republican party has given the approval for a U.S. president to no longer govern as the leader of a democracy, but rather supports the normalization of disinformation, cronyism, nepotism, and abuse of power. McConnell’s extreme conservatism and pathological hunger for control and power has poisoned the Senate whose function is now nothing more than a judge-approving, anti-democrat branch of government that can also add the sanctioning of presidential malfeasance to it’s resume.

McConnell is now obsessed with winning the Senate race in Georgia. Both Senators Loeffler and Perdue were wealthy when they arrived in Washington and like many Trump devotees, making money seems to remain an influence on how they execute their responsibilities as elected officials. Both of these Georgia senators have praised Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, supporting his efforts to downplay it’s severity and his disagreements with the experts opinion that the White House was slow to act on mitigation efforts to control the virus spread. However, In March of this year, it was discovered that both Perdue and Loeffler bought and sold stocks at an advanced pace during the time they were receiving briefings on the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time the senators we’re reassuring the public that the government was prepared to manage the outbreak, they were selling stock, which based on information obtained from briefings, indicated the situation was volatile. It is illegal for members of Congress to trade on non- public information acquired through their official duties. However, in the execution of their duties, these Senators, like Trump, have placed their own personal financial gains ahead of what is legal or ethical.

Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are opposing Perdue and Loeffler in the January Senate election in Georgia. They are calling for the Georgia electorate to support their candidacies because they reflect the updated version of Georgia politics. They also proclaim with confidence that a democratic Senate will get more accomplished for the American people by replacing Majority Leader McConnell, whose legacy is being the most influential enabler of the most corrupt president in U.S. history.

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